We had a bunch of exciting releases in January, from Monsters University to Brave Little Tailor. This time around, the Loungefly Approvals team had the difficult task of picking their absolute favorite release this month: 

Mini backpack with Minnie Mouse ears and bow in pastel color block with polka dots

Nate, Senior Manager of Approvals – Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Mini Backpack

“My fav in January is the Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Mini Backpack released for National Polka Dot Day on Jan 22 because our Approvals team member Leti is an absolute super model in the social media campaign! Go Leti!!!”

Green crossbody in the shape of the Fox and the Hound book

Angela Feliciano, Approvals Manager – The Fox and the Hound Convertible Crossbody Bag

"I am a sucker for our figural bags and love when we develop into the more nostalgic or niche movies from the Disney catalog.  Not to mention the bag folds out so you can actually read the book! Great for entertaining people behind you in line for the Matterhorn. Slam dunk."

Blue backpack featuring Oozma Kappa from Monsters University

Leti Orozco, Approvals Coordinator – Monsters University Scare Games Mini Backpack

"I really like vibrant blue hues! And I especially like that we were able to capture the character details so well! I love that each character has their moment and it’s so fun to look at!"

Pale green crossbody bag featuring different scenes from Princess and the Frog on each panel

Neko Davis-Pearson, Approvals Coordinator – The Princess and the Frog Princess Scene Crossbody Bag

"The Princess and the Frog is such an amazing film. It teaches that perseverance, determination, and wishing upon a star followed up with some good hard work will help you achieve anything. What I think is special about this bag is that it showcases major points of Tiana’s journey: Wishing upon a star, learning about The Frog Prince, getting tangled up with Dr Facilier and then her Happily Ever After with the best thing she never knew she needed. Princess Tiana’s story is inspirational and reminds us that blue skies and sunshine are always guaranteed."

Figural crossbody bag in the shape of a carousel that Mickey and Minnie Mouse ride on.

Gemma Vidal, Senior Approvals Coordinator – Brave Little Tailor Mickey and Minnie Mouse Carousel Crossbody Bag

"Full disclosure: I have not watched Brave Little Tailor (don’t @ me) but I don’t think you need to to admire this bag! I love that you can move Mickey and Minnie up and down as if they were on an actual carousel. You really don’t see that every day."

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