Festival season is upon us! Who’s ready to frolic around in a field or dance the day and night away? One of the most fun parts (although sometimes the most difficult!) is figuring out what to wear!

Don’t worry. We have you covered. 

Whether you’re camping out at your fav music fest or throwing on a corset for the Renaissance Faire, we have your accessory bestie: 

Pop Music Festival Loungefly Accessories

Vibe to your favorite artists while having the most iconic look at the festival. 

Minnie Mouse Exclusive Color Block Neon Sequin Mini Backpack

Neon Minnie Mouse Sequin Collection sitting on neon-colored polka dots against a yellow background surrounded by fruits, palm fronds, watermelon slices, and sunglasses

WOW them with this collection! We took our pastel Minnie Sequin collection from last year and turned the brightness all the way up. Find color-blocked style of neon green, yellow, orange, and pink sequins! 

A neon yellow bow appears on each piece of this collection. Orange sequin ears are on the mini backpack, crossbody, wallet, and card holder. The ear headband has pink sequin ears but reverse it to find neon green sequins! 

Stand out in sparkling style at any festival with this collection! 

Lisa Frank Holographic Glitter Color Block Crossbody Bag

Loungefly Lisa Frank Holographic Glitter Color Block Crossbody Bag laying against a blue, pink, and green color blocked background

Sparkles + holo = everything we’ve ever wanted for festival season. The top flap of this crossbody is in two parts: one has a glittery blue background with Markie the unicorn and the other has a glittery pink background with the Dalmatians Spotty & Dotty. 

Lift the flaps to reveal a rainbow against a two-toned blue and green background. Turn the bag around to find Panda Painter and Angel Kitty on the sides and Hollywood Bear and Zoomer & Zorbit on the back. 

A rainbow star charm is attached where the crossbody strap meets the bag. It’s purple and has the Lisa Frank logo and rainbow hearts all over it. Take a peek inside the bag to find a matching lining! 

It’s a perfect accessory to shine with at your favorite festival! 

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Floral Round Convertible Mini Backpack & Crossbody Bag

Loungefly Star Wars Rebel Alliance Floral Round Convertible Mini Backpack & Crossbody Bag and matching wallet laying against a pastel green background and surrounded on the left side by pink roses

Do you have a more boho style? We cannot get over these florals, which will complement any outfit! This round bag is versatile and can be a mini backpack or a crossbody bag depending on your style. You’ll find the Rebel Alliance logo front and center. Below are embroidered pink roses. Two X-wings soar around the logo. 

Turn it around and you’ll find the Millennium Falcon soaring above printed roses and the attachments where you can attach and detach the soft blue straps to make it a crossbody or a backpack. It’s ready to soar with you! 

Bambi Sunflower Friends Mini Backpack & Crossbody Bag

Bambi Sunflower Friends Mini Backpack, Crossbody Bag, and Wallet featuring Bambi, Thumper, Miss Bunny, and Flower surrounded by sunflowers and butterflies. The three lay against a yellow background surrounded by sunflowers.

Spring is in full swing! This mini backpack is ready to vibe with you and all your friends. It’s a black bag covered in sunflowers. Peering over the front pocket are Bambi, Thumper, and Miss Bunny. Below them is a sunflower-shaped front pocket that has Flower in the center. 

The all-over print of sunflowers continues on the top, sides, and back of the bag. Look closely and you’ll see some of the sunflowers have butterflies on them! Black and white checkered highlights are on the main zippered compartment, the top loop of the bag, and on the straps! 

Prefer a crossbody style? You’ll find Bambi, Thumper, and Miss Bunny on the bottom of the crossbody, surrounded by sunflowers and butterflies. The top flap of the bag features a large sunflower! On the back, you’ll find Flower and more sunflowers! The crossbody strap is a black and white checkered pattern and has a sunflower applique on either end where it meets the bag. 

Let your festival style bloom to the fullest with these styles! 

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Flap Pocket Crossbody Bag

Person wearing psychedelic floral pants standing against a yellow background, holding the Beatles Yellow Submarine Crossbody bag, which features a yellow submarine surrounded by bubbles and aquatic plants

A style that’s ready to take you to new depths of festival fashion! This crossbody bag features a yellow submarine, inspired by The Beatles’ well-known song. Blue embroidered bubbles surround it. At the bottom of the bag, you’ll find images of various aquatic plant life. 

Turn the bag around to find the different band members looking out of the portholes of the sub. More aquatic plants lay beneath them. Show off classic style at the festival of your choice! 

Queen Crest Logo Mini Backpack

Black and white mini backpack inspired by the band Queen, featuring an all-over print of the band's logo, crowns, and roses in gold foil. The front pocket features their logo with a royal crown, a phoenix, crab, lions, and fairies. The bag sits beside a royal crown against a blue background, backlit by two spotlights

This backpack will rock you! Celebrate the iconic band Queen with this accessory. You’ll find Queen’s logo on the front pocket of the bag, complete with phoenix, crab, lions, and fairies. The royal crown sits within the “Q.” The zipper pull is a crown. 

All over the rest of the bag is Queen’s logo, the word “Queen”, crowns, and roses in gold foil against a black background. The side pockets are covered in a black and white checkered pattern. Clean white straps bring the whole look together. 

Get ready to make people go (radio) gaga over this accessory with your festival ’fit! 

Funko Pop! by Loungefly BTS Logo Iridescent Purple Mini Backpack

Iridescent Purple Loungefly BTS mini backpack, featuring an all-over quilted texture with silver stars. The bag sits against a purple background with a heart above it.

Look what’s BAAACCKK! If you missed your chance to rep some BTS Loungefly, here’s another! This is a perfect companion for any festival. This mini backpack features an iridescent purple quilted texture with silver stars. You’ll find the BTS logo as a metal charm on the front pocket. 

When you lift up the flap, you’ll find RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook from their Dynamite music video – in Funko Pop! form. You can also find a crossbody and wristlet wallet in this collection!  

Yeehaw! Loungefly Styles for Western Music Festivals

Break out the cowboy boots, grab a hat, throw one of these bags on and you’re set to go! 

Western Mickey & Minnie Fringe Crossbody Bag

Close up shot of person holding the Loungefly Western Mickey and Minnie Fringe Crossbody Bag in front of the camera against a soft pink checkered background

Can we get a “Howdy, Y’all!”?! This crossbody bag has a denim top flap with a molded metal horseshoe in the center. Find two white Mickey head appliques on either side of the horseshoe. White fringe hangs below. 

The center area of the front and back of the bag, plus the sides, are pink. In the bottom corners of the front of the bag, you’ll find Mickey and Minnie in cowboy hats with embroidered floral details around them. More floral details continue onto the back of the bag. 

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a blue handle if you want to carry it. It also comes with a removable crossbody strap that is white and blue cow print! It’ll make the perfect partner for any country music festival! 

Western Mickey Mouse Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Western Mickey Mouse Cosplay Mini Backpack sitting on a hay bale against a soft pastel pink checkered background

Tip your hat to style with this bag! This cosplay mini backpack features Mickey Mouse with 3D applique ears and cowboy hat. The front pocket has details of his attire, complete with bandana, checkered shirt, and belt. 

You’ll find embroidered paisley motifs on the side pockets. Take a look at the back to find an image of Mickey’s hat and glove surrounded by the words “Oh Boy” written out in rope! Get ready to dance with this accessory!

Western Minnie Mouse Cosplay Mini Backpack

Woman wearing the Western Mickey Mouse Unisex Hoodie facing away from camera and wearing the Loungefly Western Minnie Mouse Cosplay Mini Backpack, against a pastel pink checkered background

Yoo-hoo! Your must-have finishing touch for your outfit is RIGHT HERE! Minnie looks adorable in her pink cowgirl hat. It has a purple bow wrapped around it. The front pocket shows off her outfit – a pink and blue top with floral details, a faux suede fringe vest, and cute belt! 

The side pockets look like a blue, worn denim material with embroidered curling designs on it. Turn the bag around to find “Yoo-Hoo” written in rope with Minnie’s bow and glove against a pink background. The perfect fashionable flair for the festival. 

Jump to the Beat with Loungefly Styles for Dance Music Festivals

Styles that can keep up while you dance the night away under the strobe lights.

Demon Slayer Heroes Group Mini Backpack

Loungefly Demon Slayer Heroes Group Mini Backpack sitting against a foggy green background

Slay at the festival with this bag! This mini backpack is all black with highlights of pink, blue, green, and orange. All over, you’ll find a debossed print of a checkered pattern. On the front pocket, you’ll find debossed appliques of Inosuke Hashibira, Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, and Zenitsu Agatsuma. Turn it around to find “Metsu’ in kanji print on the back. Get ready to lose yourself in the music and dance the night away with this mini backpack. 

Loungefly Flair for the Renaissance Faire

Throw on a flower crown and get ready to transport yourself to another time! Looking for the perfect accessories for your outfit? Look no further! 

Sleeping Beauty 65th Anniversary Floral Ombre Crossbody Bag

Person wearing a pink sweater and skirt, standing against a purple background and wearing the Loungefly Sleeping Beauty 65th Anniversary Floral Ombre Crossbody Bag

A perfect floral moment for your Ren Faire outfit! This crossbody bag is an ombré of blue and purple. Flowers are embroidered along the front of the bag. Hidden amongst them are Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. 

A strap comes up and over the bag to secure it. Princess Aurora’s crown appears on the strap as a molded metal rivet. Turn the bag around to find more flowers and a quote from Aurora’s storybook: “The Three Good Fairies put the entire kingdom to sleep as well, until the day Aurora would wake.” 

An adjustable and removable crossbody strap is attached with a silver chain. It makes for an elegant accessory to hold everything you need during the Faire! 

Stitch Springtime Daisy Cosplay Mini Backpack

Woman wearing daisy sunglasses, wearing the Stitch Springtime Daisy unisex tee and a darker blue skirt, holding the Loungefly Stitch Springtime Daisy Cosplay Mini Backpack and standing against a light blue background with daisies on it

Stitch is ready for your floral needs! This mini backpack brings Stitch to life with 3D applique ears on the side of the bag, embroidered facial details, and a 3D applique of his arms on the front pocket holding a frog and two ducklings. 

Stitch wears an applique daisy crown. A small butterfly is perched on his nose. The frog in his arms also wears a flower crown! The front pocket has a daisy zipper pull. Turn the bag around to find an image of the frog sitting on a daisy with a flower crown on its head! 

Cuteness level 100 with this bag! It’s the ideal accessory for your floral fairy or whimsical nature ensemble! 

Find Your Perfect Festival Season Style at Loungefly

Still looking for other accessories to match your fit? Check out new exclusives – styles you can’t find anywhere else!