You know who else looks amazing in a Loungefly? Your doggo! ☺️ We have brand new collections of pet accessories for you to choose from to dress your dog up for the day. Plus, these collections coordinate with our styles for humans, so you can match with your pup! 

Our latest collections include Scooby-Doo, Up, and Beetlejuice! Have a look and see if you dig them: 

Scooby-Doo Pet Accessories

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Mini Backpack Dog Harness

Brown and white dog facing away from camera wearing the Scooby-Doo mini backpack dog harness

The gang’s all here and there’s a mystery to solve! This mini backpack harness features Velma, Scooby, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred driving together in the Mystery Machine! They smile out from a clear PVC “window” and you’ll find the groovy print of the Mystery Machine on the front pocket and sides. 

There are two zippered pockets in this harness to store pet essentials! To ensure a perfect fit, each strap is adjustable. For a complete ensemble, be sure to match it with our Scooby-Doo dog collar…

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Dog Collar

Close up image of a brown and white dog wearing the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Dog Collar

It’s no mystery – Scooby style is ideal for your pet! This collar is light green and features an all-over pattern of Scooby, the Mystery Machine, and flowers. You’ll find a special Scooby-Doo Loungefly plaque on it, as well as a light blue Loungefly charm! Your furry friend will be ready to sniff out and solve any mystery that comes their way. 

Up Pet Accessories

Up 15th Anniversary Dug Cosplay Mini Backpack Dog Harness

Golden retriever facing away from camera wearing the Pixar Up Dug Dog Harness, featuring Dug from Up in appliqué detail

We have just met this Dug harness, and we love it! This mini backpack harness looks like Dug from Pixar’s Up, complete with embroidered facial features and applique ears, nose, and communication collar. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. Your dog is sure to look their cutest in this!

Up 15th Anniversary Dug Dog Collar

Golden retriever outside wearing the Loungefly Pixar Up Dug Dog Harness and Dug Dog Collar with enamel Dug charm and enamel Loungefly paw print charm.

Complete their look with the collar! This collar is brown and looks like Dug’s communication collar, complete with image of buttons, speaker, and dials. Attached to it are enamel charms – one a Loungefly-branded paw print, and the other is Dug! You’ll also find a silicone Pixar x Loungefly plaque. It’s a must for any Up fans out there that are ready to go on daily adventures with their dogs. 

Up 15th Anniversary Wilderness Explorer Badges Leash

Golden retriever outside facing away from camera, facing a person holding the Loungefly Wilderness Explorer Badges Leash and Russell Treat & Disposable Bag Holder

Earn your badge! This leash brings the whole look together. It’s brown and features an all-over print of various Wilderness Explorer badges! Find a silicone Pixar x Loungefly plaque on the leash. For extra comfort during your adventures, the handle is padded. It easily clips onto the collar or harness. It brings extra joy to your daily excursions! 

A must-have accessory to go along with the leash is our…

Up 15th Anniversary Russell Treat & Disposable Bag Holder

Close up look of someone's hand holding the Loungefly Pixar Up Russell Treat & Disposable Bag Holder

Russell is ready to join you on all your adventures! This bag attaches to your leash so you can keep treats or disposable bags within easy reach. Russell comes to life in applique detail on the front. Feed the leash through the strap at the back and then clip it to the ring on the leash so it stays secure. It’s a must-have no matter where you’re going. 

Beetlejuice Pet Accessories

Beetlejuice Cosplay Mini Backpack Dog Harness

Black pug sitting on a purple background wearing the Beetlejuice Cosplay Mini Backpack Dog Harness, featuring Beetlejuice in appliqué detail on the harness

It’s showtime! Show off one of your favorites with this new mini backpack harness. A large applique above the front pocket features Beetlejuice. Find details of his black-and-white suit below on the front pocket. There are two zippered compartments to store any essentials you need for your W-A-L-K. 

Oh, and the coolest part? The bugs on Beetlejuice’s suit glow in the dark! So does his hair on sizes medium and large. It’s a style that’ll truly make your pup stand out. 

Beetlejuice Sandworm Dog Collar

Close up shot of a black pug wearing the Beetlejuice dog collar, featuring a black and white Loungefly paw print charm.

This collar is the perfect accessory for any furry friend! You’ll find a sandworm printed on the black collar. A lime green silicone Loungefly x Beetlejuice plaque is also attached. The enamel Loungefly paw print charm features black-and-white toes! It’s a perfect match to the mini backpack harness and the other accessories in this collection. 

Beetlejuice Sandworm Leash

Black pug wearing the Beetlejuice dog harness sitting on a purple background at the feet of a person holding the Beetlejuice leash with the Beetlejuice Treat & Disposable Bag Holder attached to the leash.

Can’t have a Beetlejuice ensemble without the matching leash! This black leash features a sandworm along it. You’ll find a green silicone Loungefly x Beetlejuice plaque on the leash, as well as a padded handle for extra comfort! Show-stopping style is ready for your dog with this accessory. 

Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased Treat & Disposable Bag Holder

Image of person holding the Loungefly Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased Treat & Disposable Bag Holder attached to the Beetlejuice leash.

Add a little bit of spirit to their look! This treat and disposable bag holder features the cover of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. The zippered compartment can hold treats, disposable bags, or any other tiny essentials you might need on your outdoor adventures. 

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