What a September! We had so much fun with these releases! Time for a check in with the Loungefly Marketing Team to see what their favorite bags were that released in September:

Image of our Black and White Poison Apple Crossbody sitting on two books next to caramel apples

“I love this figural Stitch Shoppe crossbody because of the unique shape and design! It pays homage to a classic story with a new black and white twist that makes it extremely versatile for any Halloween outfit. The subtle glittery material continues to elevate the bag, and I love the zipper pull that's shaped as a dagger in a heart to really pull the whole story together.”

Image of our Ghost Mickey backpack glowing in the dark next to pumpkins

Lauren, Manager, Content Marketing – Mickey Mouse Ghost Glow Mini Backpack

“My favorite bag for September is Ghost Mickey! His glow in the dark is so incredible, everyone was stopping me in Disneyland to ask where it was from because it was so bright! It was practically lighting up the stretching room in The Haunted Mansion! It also has so much space for everything you may need- you'll never believe how many Disneyland snacks it can hold!”

Image of our X-Men '97 Wolverine Marvel Metallic Mini Backpack and Wallet against a red and yellow background

“The Marvel Metallic X-Men Wolverine Cosplay Mini Backpack is personally my new favorite Loungefly release. It’s based on the bright yellow & blue suit version of my favorite X-Men antihero. This bag is truly my type of nineties nostalgia.”

Image of our Hogwarts Fall Leaves Mini Backpack sitting on a book and surrounded by flowers

Katie, Social Media Manager – Harry Potter Hogwarts Fall Leaves Mini Backpack

“I love the embroidered leaves along the front. It's such a nice texture detail that really makes the bag pop. This bag is nostalgic for me because I started reading Harry Potter in the fall, so this just reminds me of that time in my life and really captures that warm and cozy magical feeling! Makes me want a Butterbeer real bad."

Image of our Stitch Shoppe Zero Figural Glow Crossbody against the Nightmare Before Christmas Stitch Shoppe Sandy Skirt

“My favorite bag this month was the zero bag because I love NBC! Zero is such a cute character and I'm always drawn to anything with his likeness on it so to have a functional bag that is fully figural and glows in the dark is honestly mind blowing. The little pumpkin nose put the cuteness over the top, as it is a must boop. Even though Halloween is my favorite time of year the zero bag is a year round companion. ☺️”

Image of our Exclusive Minnie Mouse Sequin Crossbody against an orange background with black bats

“I love this bag because it’s such a fun classic look for Halloween. The orange sequins really make it pop and the little debossed Minnie Mouse bats are so cute! It’s a perfect staple for spooky season!”

Image of our Wednesday Crossbody sitting on top of an old school typewriter

“My favorite has to be the Wednesday Addams Crossbody! I love the fun details from her uniform that are brought to life. It’s a really fun bag for any fan of the show Wednesday and also makes for a wearable piece!” 

More Fun Loungefly Styles Are Coming in October!

Get ready for another month of favs! These new styles are dropping on Monday 10/2 – check them out and if you see any you love, be sure to sign up to get notified when they launch so you don’t miss out!