We’ve had some really fun releases this month, from Spider-Punk to Powerpuff Girls to the new Darth Vader Figural Crossbody! It’s that time again – we asked the Sourcing team to decide on their favorite releases: 

Several pieces of the Cinderella Happily Ever After Collection (backpack, crossbody, veil headband, and wallet) sitting together on a pink couch in a bridal shop

Heather, Senior Sourcing Manager – Cinderella Happily Ever After 

“This collection is my favorite because I love the subtle twinkle details on it and the castle art is just so iconic. I love that the carriage scene represents her happy ending. Also, I’m a huge fan of Cinderella- she inspires us to make our own dreams come true.”

Blue's Clues mini backpack featuring the house and the mailbox wallet side by side against a yellow background

Melina, Global Sourcing Associate, Small Accessories – Blue’s Clues 

“This bag takes me back to my childhood! So nostalgic and perfectly curated with all the fun characters from the show.”

Image of a woman wearing a green dress and a white sweater holding the Lady and the Tramp Portrait backpack and putting the wallet inside the bag

Shea, Associate Sourcing Manager – Lady and the Tramp Portrait House Mini Backpack 

I love how the scene takes over the whole backpack and invites you in for a little idyllic moment. The colors are soothing and Victorian houses are so charming. Even though the bag is character focused, it feels fashion forward and easy to mix into my closet.”

Image of the Lotso Mini Backpack, Crossbody bag, and Wallet piled together on a park swing

Karissa, Sourcing Director – Lotso 

“I’m voting Lotso all the way. ��”

Get Ready for June Loungefly Releases

Exciting new collections are dropping in June, including: 

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  • Stranger Things Upside Down Shadows Collection
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  • Mulan 25th Anniversary Collection 

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