We’ve had some really fun collections launch this month! We dove right into spooky season with cool collections that'll have you Halloween-ready! We spoke with one of our creative teams and had them pick their favorite bags from this month! 

Image of our Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters House Collection, including mini backpack, wallet, and figural cauldron crossbody

Ellie Morlino, Graphic Artist – Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Collection

“I love the color scheme, the stylization of the characters is super cute, and the lenticular cauldron is super clever! I think it’s a must for any hardcore fans, but maybe it’s your gateway merchandise into the world of Hocus Pocus as it has been for me!”

Woman holding our Devil Stitch Mini Backpack and our Devil Stitch wallet

Claire Skelly, Graphic Artist – Stitch Devil Cosplay Mini Backpack

“Tough to choose because we’ve had so many amazing designs come out this month. BUT this one is my favorite because he’s wearing a cute devil Halloween costume, and I think it really speaks to Stitch’s personality. I’m also obsessed with the shiny materials, and the lining is hilarious.”

Woman wearing purple against a blue background wearing the Pompompurin Crossbuddies bag

Christina Petillo, Graphic Artist – Pompompurin Crossbuddies Bag

“Not only do I love the Crossbuddies concept (it's multiple bags in one AND it shows off cute friendships), but I think Pompompurin is just such a fun character and would design a million products with him if I could! This one also includes his adorable buddy Muffin in TWO costumes, so that just makes it even cuter. What could be better than Pompompurin in a Halloween costume with Muffin in a multi-bag?!”

Woman wearing the Corpse Bride Emily Crossbody with her eye open to reveal Maggot behind it

Mark Tecson, Graphic Artist – Corpse Bride Emily Crossbody Bag 

“The artwork for this bag is so well done with the coloring, debossing and applique choices. The details of the flowers, the worm, and butterfly make it such a beautiful and fun design.”

Black kitten next to our exclusive Binx Plush Mini Backpack

Katie Cole, Graphic Artist – Exclusive Hocus Pocus Binx Plush Mini Backpack

Binx is my favorite because I'm a complete cat lady! With his spooky vibes he's perfect for a Halloween accessory or for all year round for anyone who's like me and celebrates Halloween all year. He also has paw pads that are revealed when his paws are lifted and I'm a sucker for toe beans.”

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