For those celebrating Mother’s Day in any kind of way on May 14th, whether it be…


  • Getting together with your mother
  • Spending time with the special mother figures in your life
  • Honoring yourself
  • Celebrating all the amazing women in your life 


Why not get some special gifts?


We know that Mother’s Day can look completely different for everyone. So no matter how you’re spending the day, we picked out some styles that are great as gifts to show others you appreciate them or to treat yourself! 


Check them out: 

Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel Floral Lantern Allison Dress

Woman standing outside modeling the purple Rapunzel Floral Lantern Allison Dress with the Rapunzel Lantern Crossbody

This beautiful purple dress is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Rapunzel or to add a touch of whimsy to their closet. This dress features floral designs on the sleeves and on the skirt. The skirt also features Rapunzel’s braid parallel to the hem and lanterns float above. Around the waist goes a purple belt and the front features a Queen Anne neckline. It’s sure to make anyone feel gorgeous when they step out of the house! Want to accessorize? It goes perfectly with…

Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel’s Lantern Glow Crossbody Bag

Yellow cylindrical crossbody bag in the shape of Rapunzel's lantern with a strap that looks like her braided hair

This crossbody bag is in the shape of Rapunzel’s lantern! The strap on this is modeled after Rapunzel’s braid and has flowers attached to it. You’ll also find a fun charm of Pascal! Inside, you’ll find a purple lining featuring Pascal and lanterns – and there’s enough room to hold all essentials. And guess what – the bag glows in the dark! 

Exclusive – Disney Stitch Shoppe Classic Disney Books Crossbody Bag

Multicolor crossbody bag that looks like books on the shelf of various Disney classics, including Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland.

Know anyone that’s a book worm and just looking for an excuse to carry more books around with them everywhere? Well… here’s something they’ll love! This crossbody bag looks like a bunch of books sitting together on a shelf. It features Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. You’ll even find on one of the inside flaps a “Castle Public Library” card with the names of popular characters that have checked out the book! 

Limited Edition Exclusive – Minnie Mouse Pastel Sequin Mini Backpack

Pastel sequin mini backpack with color block style of pink, green, yellow, and blue

A limited edition, exclusive sequin backpack makes for a truly special gift! This backpack is covered in beautiful sparkling sequins and has a pastel color block pattern of pink, blue, green, and yellow. It makes for a lovely springtime accessory that’ll make every day feel extra special. 

Limited Edition Exclusive – Minnie Mouse Pastel Sequin Crossbody Bag (LE 1400)

Pastel sequin crossbody bag with color block style of pink, green, blue, and yellow

For those who prefer a purse style over a backpack style, this is ready! This is part of the same limited edition, exclusive sequin collection as the backpack and features a pastel color block style of green, pink, blue, and yellow. The front of the bag is green, and the back is pink. The closing top flap is pink, and the ears are yellow with a blue bow in the center. It’ll quickly become a go-to purse throughout the spring and summer, easily adding an extra flair of sparkle to every outfit. 

The Aristocats Lunchbox Crossbody Bag

Pink crossbody bag in the shape of a lunchbox featuring The Aristocats next to a cup of coffee.

Strike up a tune with this fun, pink crossbody bag in the shape of a lunchbox! Different moments from The Aristocats are featured – you’ll find the cats playing music and dancing on the front, Duchess and Thomas O’Malley on the side sitting together on a purple sofa, and on the back, you’ll find the pair again having a moment on the roof while the kittens look on. The interior lining features sheet music with the cats dancing around. For anyone who adores all things feline or just really loves The Aristocats

Brave Little Tailor Minnie Mouse Cosplay Mini Backpack

Couple standing in front of a carousel with the Minnie Mouse Brave Little Tailor and the Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor Backpacks

The perfect accessory to slay some amazing styles! 😉 This cosplay backpack features Princess Minnie Mouse from the Disney short Brave Little Tailor. She has an applique princess hat with a tulle veil, and details of her dress are featured on the front and side pockets. On the back, you’ll find Mickey and Minnie riding a carousel. This adorable accessory is ready for any adventure, and it’s great for anyone who loves themselves some classic Disney. 

Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Mini Backpack

Woman holding the Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Backpack, which has a pastel color scheme and color block style of pink, blue, yellow, and white

Pastel color block for the win! This mini backpack is pastel pink, blue, and yellow with polka dots and features Minnie Mouse’s bow in the center between yellow ears. You’ll also find scalloped details around the Loungefly plaque, beneath the zipper on the front pocket, and along the side pockets. This is a super fun style that’s ready for all outings throughout spring and summer! 

Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Unisex Hoodie

Woman modeling the Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Unisex Hoodie and Mini Backpack against a pastel color block background

Comfy + cute = THE BEST! This hoodie is pastel blue and has pink polka dots all over it. In some of the dots, you’ll find Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck hanging out. On the front pocket, a pink bow makes a statement. This is the perfect match to our Minnie Mouse Pastel Polka Dot Mini Backpack but is also great to be the star of its own show! 

Star Wars Light Side Saber Strap Crossbody Bag

Image of a person wearing a white shirt and blue jeans carrying the Star Wars Light Side Saber Strap Crossbody over their shoulder

 This bag is a fun way to express Star Wars style! It’s all white and has a debossed print of Yoda and the Jedi Order symbol all over the bag. On the closure of the bag, you’ll find a metal rivet of the Jedi Order symbol. The crossbody strap is white, but you’ll find a green lightsaber connected to it via a chain on one side. For anyone who loves nothing more than traveling to a galaxy far, far away – this bag is the perfect gift! 

Lisa Frank Rainbow Heart Mini Backpack with Waist Bag

White iridescent mini backpack with rainbow Lisa Frank logos all over and a rainbow heart front pocket that detaches and becomes a waist bag
Image of the Lisa Frank Rainbow Heart Mini Backpack with the waist bag detached against a holographic background

 The cutest multi-purpose bag ever! This white backpack has a shimmery, holographic material and the Lisa Frank logo and rainbow hearts all over. The front pocket is a rainbow heart, and it detaches to become a waist bag! So no matter the occasion, this bag is versatile and ready to pivot to whatever the situation calls for. Rock these pieces individually or together for endless ways to accessorize.

More Ways to Celebrate at Loungefly

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