May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Journaling is a great way to give yourself some space, organize your thoughts, and clear your mind. 

Grab your favorite pen, a journal (we have a fun selection here for you!), and find a peaceful place to get writing. Here are some prompts you can start with:

  1. What made you happy this month?
  2. What are ways you took care of yourself in the last month?
  3. What are you proud of this month?
  4. What are you looking forward to this summer?
  5. Check in – how are you feeling today?
  6. What are you grateful for?
  7. List out some of your strengths.
  8. What is something that inspires you?
  9. What do you admire about yourself?
  10. List out some accomplishments you’re proud of.

Having a dedicated journal to write down your thoughts can be super helpful in boosting your mental health. Our new stationery line has refillable journals in the theme of some of your favorite fandoms. 

And the best part about these refillable journals is that you can order a refill of pages when you’ve filled it up. So you can keep your favorite journal cover and just insert a new bundle of pages!

These are some of our favorite refillable journals: 

Loungefly Sanrio Kuromi Cosplay Plush Refillable Stationery Journal

Twin women holding the Kuromi Plush Journal between the two of them and laughing together. They stand against a purple background with star-shaped balloons.

Your next go-to journal has your fav right on the cover! Kuromi comes to life in plush detail. She peeks through her purple hood, which has 3D applique bows on it. You’ll also find some embroidered details on the front. 

On the back, you’ll find the embroidered outline of her tail as well as a zippered pocket to hold pens, pencils, or whatever else you want to carry with you. Inside, you’ll find lined pages with illustrations of Kuromi in the top corners. 

Loungefly Winnie the Pooh Cosplay Plush Refillable Stationery Journal

Winnie the Pooh plush journal with 3D ears that stick out from the top, standing against a light blue background with a yellow balloon behind it

The sweetest-looking journal ever! Winnie the Pooh is plush and comes to life with embroidered facial details. The bottom half of the cover is red like his shirt. At the top, you’ll find 3D ears sticking up from the corners. 

Turn the journal around to find a zippered pocket to store your favorite writing utensils and whatever else you might need. Inside, you’ll find lined pages with images of Winnie the Pooh and honeybees at the top! 

Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Cosplay Pearlescent Refillable Stationery Journal

Woman laying on her back against a red background, holding the Hello Kitty refillable journal open above her head with a pen in her hand

This journal is part of our 50th anniversary celebration for Hello Kitty! The front cover features Hello Kitty with faux denim overalls. Her facial features are embroidered, and her ears and bow are 3D appliques. The rest of the journal is made of a beautiful pearlescent material. 

At the back is a zippered pocket for you to store pens, pencils, and other essentials. Inside, you’ll find lined pages to write out your thoughts and ideas. The pages say “Hello Kitty” at the top with images of Hello Kitty in the bottom right corner. 

Loungefly Rainbow Brite Cosplay Refillable Stationery Journal

Rainbow Brite journal laying against a rainbow background, featuring Rainbow Brite on the cover with appliqué and embroidered details.

Bring some color into your life! This journal features Rainbow Brite smiling on the cover. Her purple bow is 3D and has a red star in the center. Some of her features are embroidered. The back of the journal is blue and has a zippered pocket for writing utensils and other essentials you want to store. 

Inside, you’ll find rainbow-lined pages for you to jot down any thoughts. At the top corner of each page, you’ll find an image of Rainbow Brite and Twink sitting together on a rainbow. 

Loungefly Pixar Up 15th Anniversary Dug Plush Refillable Stationery Journal

Person sitting outside on the grass and holding the Dug plush journal, featuring 3D ears and embroidered facial details.

A good boy of a notebook that’ll make the best companion! Dug comes to life in plush and embroidered detail. His ears are 3D! At the base of the notebook, you’ll find details of his collar. Turn the notebook around to find a zippered pocket where you can store your favorite pens, pencils, and other essentials! 

Inside, you’ll find lined pages that are ready for you to fill up! You’ll find Dug in the bottom corner and a squirrel in the upper corner. It’s ready for any writing adventure! 

Loungefly Lined & Blank Page Stationery Hardcover Journal Refill 2-Pack

Two journal refills on a table, one half-slid into a new journal cover. Two pens lay close by.

When you’ve filled up your journal and are ready to start fresh, this refill pack is here for you! This 2-pack comes with one lined refill and one blank refill. Simply remove the pages from your first journal and slide one of the refills into the cover – and voilà! – you have a fresh notebook with your favorite cover still in use!