Father’s Day is on June 18th, and whether you’re getting together with your dad or the father figures close to you, taking time for yourself, or uplifting the other important men in your life, we put together a gift guide for you! Whether you’re treating someone else or yourself to something special, check out some fun ideas – and save up to 30% on select items as part of our Grads & Dads Promotion, from June 5, 2023 to June 7, 2023: 

The Fandom Experts

Are they into Star Wars? Super Heroes? Pixar? Pokémon? Whatever their fandom of choice, we got it covered. They can easily express themselves with our backpacks, wallets, and other accessories:  

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Backpack

Image of a rectangular backpack that's in the shape of Han Solo when he's frozen in carbonate from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Get ready for this adventure! This important moment from Star Wars is captured in this mini backpack. On the back panel, you’ll find Boba Fett with the words, “He is no good to me dead.” This bag is ready for all their adventures, whether they’re heading to work or exploring the galaxy in their ship!

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Exclusive – Spider-Man Triple Pocket Multi-Logo Mini Backpack

Image of the Spider-Man triple pocket backpack that is red and blue with spiderweb designs on the front. On each pocket, you'll find the logo for a different Spider-Man: Tobey Macguire's, Andrew Garfield's, and Tom Holland's

Show off some great power and great responsibility with this triple pocket backpack! For all the Spider-Man fans out there, this bag is a great gift. On each of the pockets, you’ll find the logo for a different Spider-Man – Tobey Maguire’s, Andrew Garfield’s, and Tom Holland’s. This bag makes suiting up every day feel more heroic and fun. 

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Lenticular Zip Around Wallet

Image of a black wallet with designs that look like computer glitches with a hexagonal appliqué on the front featuring a lenticular panel that shows Miles Morales  in one view and Spider-Gwen on the other

If they prefer a smaller way to represent their fandom, our wallets are perfect. This Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse wallet is something they’ll love! It features a glitchy pattern all over the wallet, and front and center is a hexagonal lenticular panel that shows Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. Inside, there are four card slots and one clear slot for an ID. It’ll hold all their essentials and keep them safe no matter what Multiverse they swing into! 

Marvel Metallic Captain America Cosplay Flap Wallet

Blue metallic wallet in the style of Captain America's uniform with a silver star in the center

For the Marvel fan in your life – you can’t go wrong with this metallic Captain America wallet! Shine like the First Avenger with this flap wallet that has Cap’s recognizable star on the front and his shield on the back. Inside, you’ll find seven card slots and one clear slot for an ID. The card slots are red, silver, and blue, and the interior lining of the wallet has a repeating pattern of Cap’s shield and the Avengers’ symbol. They’ll feel unstoppable carrying this around! 

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The Sports Enthusiasts

Do they know all the standings of every team as they head into the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, or the World Series? Then we have just the thing. We have full collections of bags and wallets for the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Patch Icons Mini Backpack

Purple and yellow mini backpack with the patches with the Lakers logos on it

Repping your favorite basketball team has never been easier. Get ready for game day with this mini backpack featuring the purple and yellow colors of the Lakers. This backpack has chenille and embroidered patches on the front and side pockets. The logo appears on the front, as the charm on the zipper pull, and on the back panel of the bag. Ensure they’re ready for all the game days to come! 

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MLB New York Yankees Patches Mini Backpack

Navy blue backpack with a pinstripe front pocket with the logos of the New York Yankees on the front

Knock it out of the park with this backpack as a gift! This backpack is navy blue, and the front pocket is white with the iconic pinstripes of the Yankees. The front of the pocket also says “New York” on it. Above the pocket, you’ll find the New York Yankees logos and you’ll also find their logo as the zipper pull charm! For those who love the Yankees, this bag is a perfect way for them to show their team spirit.

NFL Dallas Cowboys Patches Mini Backpack

Navy blue and silver mini backpack with the logos of the Dallas Cowboys on the front

Go Boys! This mini backpack is the perfect gift for those who never miss a Cowboys game. It has a similar style to our NBA and MLB backpacks. It’s a navy-blue bag with a silver front pocket that is debossed with the team’s star logo and says “Cowboys” across the front. Chenille and embroidered patches cover the front featuring the team’s logo, helmet, and a football. It’s an instant touchdown for game-day style. 

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The Collectors

For those who love collecting things from their favorite movies, shows, and more, we have a ton pin sets that make for great gift options! From our smaller pin sets to our mystery box pins or our 3” Collector Box pins, you’re sure to find something they’ll love:

Loungefly Pop! Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Sliding Pin

Image of the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Sliding Pin, featuring Indiana Jones in Pop! style art running away from the boulder after he steals the idol

If they love nothing more than action and adventure, this makes for a great gift! Our Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Sliding Pin is a limited edition pin – only 1200 were made – that features the scene of Indy running from the boulder after he steals the idol. The boulder slides on a rivet on the pin, bringing the scene to life! It’s a fun and daring addition to any pin collection! 

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary 4-Piece Pin Set

4-piece pin set with a Jurassic Park theme, including the Jurassic Park gate, a fossilized mosquito, Mr. DNA, and the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary logo

For Jurassic Park fans, look no further than this 30th anniversary 4-piece pin set! This set features the Jurassic Park gate, a fossilized mosquito, Mr. DNA, and the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary logo. Each pin is about 1.5 inches tall, and they highlight iconic moments from the film. They make for a fun way to celebrate a favorite film – and maybe kickstart a new collection! 

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary International Posters Mystery Pin

Image of all six options of the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary International Posters Mystery Pin Set, featuring Return of the Jedi posters in different languages

One of the best gifts you can give in the galaxy! There are six possible pins in this Star Wars: Return of the Jedi set, and each is a poster for the film from different countries. There’s a 1 in 12 chance to get the lenticular pin that has Spanish text in one view and English in the other. Each pin is sold individually and is a mystery, adding an extra bit of surprise and fun! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Mixed Emotions Pin Set

3" pin featuring Jack Skellington holding a gravestone and two extra magnetic faces with different facial expressions so you can switch up how he looks

Another fun 3” pin set to collect! This is part of our Mixed Emotions collection, and it features Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas holding a gravestone. Two additional magnetic faces come with the set so you can swap out Jack’s expression to whatever you’d like! This Jack Skellington pin is a fun addition to a desk or shelf display or a jacket for added personality! 

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