July 19, 2023

Do you…

Have many hobbies?

Dream big?

Have hair that gleams and glows (and maybe heals people)? 

Let us guess, your favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel!

We have a ton of super cute accessories and apparel inspired by this adventurous princess! Check them out:

New Loungefly Rapunzel Styles

Tangled Rapunzel Swinging from the Tower Mini Backpack

Purple mini backpack featuring Rapunzel swinging from her hair out of her tower surrounded by floral designs

New styles are in full swing! This mini backpack features Rapunzel’s tower on the front pocket. Around the top, you’ll find floral details and purple lining around the zippers. Rapunzel swings from her hair from the tower on a rivet! 

You’ll also find a rubber charm of a “wanted” poster of Flynn Rider, and Rapunzel’s magic flower appears on the left side pocket. On the back panel, you’ll find an image of Rapunzel laying in the grass with Pascal with, Flynn leaning against a tree in the background. 

Tangled Rapunzel Cosplay Magic Flower Crossbody Bag

Woman wearing a green-yellow dress against a green background, holding a bouquet of flowers, and wearing the purple Rapunzel crossbody

Love Rapunzel’s dress? You’ll love this crossbody! Find detailing of Rapunzel’s bodice with ribbons and appliques on the front flap, including a Magic Flower enamel-filled rivet clasp. You’ll find debossed motifs of floral designs on the body of the bag. You’ll find scalloped details on the front edge of the flap and around the plaque. You’ll find a purple handle at the top of the bag and an adjustable purple strap attached to the bag with a golden-colored metal chain. This crossbody bag is ready to make a statement with any outfit!

Tangled Rapunzel Swinging from the Tower Zip Around Wallet

Zip around Rapunzel wallet featuring Rapunzel swinging from the tower by her hair, against a green background and surrounded by flowers

Time to escape the tower and head off on a new adventure! This zip around wallet features Rapunzel swinging from her tower by her hair. She moves back and forth on a rivet! On the back, you’ll find an image of Rapunzel laying in the grass with Pascal, with Flynn Rider leaning against a tree nearby. Inside, you’ll find five slots for cards and one clear slot for an ID. Every outing is a touch more magical with this wallet! 

Tangled Rapunzel Swinging from the Tower 3” Collector Box Pin

3" Collector Box Pin featuring Rapunzel swinging from the tower by her hair

Bet you haven’t seen a cuter pin than this! This pin follows the theme of the wallet and mini backpack and features Rapunzel swinging from her tower by her hair. She moves back and forth on a rivet! This pin is limited edition – only 500 were made – so be sure to add it to your collection before it runs out!

Exclusive Loungefly Rapunzel Styles

Limited Edition – Tangled Rapunzel Dreams Mini Backpack

Purple mini backpack featuring Rapunzel on the front watching the lanterns with Pascal, with a light purple/pink background with spots of light.

Let this bag inspire you to dream big! This mini backpack is purple and features Rapunzel on the front of the bag. Her hair serves as a beautiful border around the front with flowers within it. Pascal joins her to watch the lanterns, which glow in the dark! On the back, you’ll find Pascal again, sitting among the flowers and lanterns. Beside him are the words, “Best Day Ever.” This an exclusive, limited edition item. There are only 1700 of these mini backpacks and you won’t find them anywhere else! 

Exclusive – Rapunzel Sequin Glow Flap Wallet

Purple sequin flap wallet in the style of Rapunzel's dress with a pink bow that has a glow-in-the-dark lantern charm in the center

This wallet is extra special – it’s part of our Disney Princess Sequin Collection! This wallet is covered in purple sequins and is designed similarly to Rapunzel’s dress! On the front, there’s a pink bow with one of her lanterns in the center – and get this, the lantern glows in the dark! Inside, you’ll find seven card slots and one clear slot for an ID. The card slots have an alternating pattern of pink and purple. There’s also a zippered compartment for coins. This wallet definitely makes a sparkling statement while you’re out and about – and you won’t find it anywhere else! 

Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly Rapunzel Styles

Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel Floral Lantern Allison Dress

Woman outside wearing the Rapunzel Floral Lantern Allison Dress and Lantern Figural Crossbody

This dress will have you gleaming and glowing! This purple dress features beautiful details of flowers on the sleeves, and the skirt has flowers, lanterns, and Rapunzel’s braid around it. A purple belt goes around the waist. This dress has a Queen Anne neckline and is ruched in the center. It’s a piece that you can dress up or down wherever you go! 

Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel’s Lanterns Glow Crossbody Bag

Image of the lantern figural crossbody sitting on a rock outside

A spectacular accessory to take along for a new adventure! This crossbody bag is in the shape of Rapunzel’s lantern. It glows in the dark and has a braided crossbody strap that looks like Rapunzel’s hair with flowers woven into it. You’ll also find a charm of Pascal attached. It works well with any of our Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel pieces or you can match it with an outfit of your own creation! 

Stitch Shoppe Rapunzel Lanterns Kelly Top

Woman outside wearing the pink Rapunzel Lanterns Kelly Top

Need a fun, versatile style that works with anything? Look no further than our Rapunzel Lanterns Kelly Top! This pink top features a scoop neck and short sleeves. You’ll find lanterns embroidered near the neckline, and they glow in the dark! Stretch jersey fabric makes it a super comfy option for any outfit, whether you pair it with a skirt or your favorite jeans. 

Stitch Shoppe Story of Rapunzel Sandy Skirt

Woman outside wearing the Rapunzel Sandy Skirt, holding out one side to feature the artwork of Rapunzel with Mother Gothel. She's also wearing the pink Rapunzel Lanterns Kelly Top and the figural lantern crossbody

Never stop dreaming with this Rapunzel Sandy Skirt! This skirt is purple and pink and features floral designs, lanterns, and a scene of Mother Gothel combing Rapunzel’s hair. Along the elastic waistband, you’ll find the words “Go live your dreams” embroidered in gold thread. This skirt hits the knee on most individuals and the best part? It has pockets! No matter where you’re off to, this skirt will add a special element of magic! 

More Loungefly Rapunzel Styles

Tangled Pascal Flowers Lanyard with Card Holder

Woman standing outside wearing a light purple sweater wearing the Pascal lanyard around her neck

Want to add a cute touch of Tangled to your day? This adorable lanyard features Rapunzel’s bestie, Pascal! You can find him all over the pattern of the lanyard and hiding amongst the flowers on the card holder. As you head into work, he’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! 

Rapunzel Princess Scene Crossbody Bag

Woman in a light purple sweater standing outside and wearing the Rapunzel Scenes Crossbody Bag

Bring your favorite moments from Tangled to life with this crossbody bag! On each panel of this bag, you’ll find a different scene from Disney’s Tangled. On the front, you’ll see Flynn Rider and Rapunzel on a boat. On the sides, you’ll find Mother Gothel and Rapunzel with Maximus. On the back of the bag, you’ll find Rapunzel laying in the grass. The scenes are surrounded by purple trim, and the handles and crossbody strap are also purple. This crossbody bag is ready to travel with you on all your adventures!

Tangled Pascal Flowers Lenticular Enamel Pin

Image of the Pascal pin, featuring Pascal camouflaging against a flowerpot

Whether you’re a pin collector or buy the occasional few, you’ll definitely want to add this to your collection! This pin is 3” big and features Pascal sitting in front of a flowerpot! This pin has lenticular features and as you tilt it back and forth, you’ll see Pascal’s face change colors! You can add this as a statement piece to a denim jacket, or you can attach it to a pin board for a fun display.

Rapunzel Princess Scene Mini Backpack

Rapunzel Scenes Mini Backpack sitting in the crook of a tree outside

If you’re not a crossbody fan but love the style of the Scenes Crossbody, this bag is for you! Rapunzel’s adventures come to life on each panel of this mini backpack. Find her with Flynn Rider, swinging from her hair, speaking to Mother Gothel, and more! A cute zipper pull of Pascal brings the whole look together. Celebrate all things Rapunzel with this cute bag and have the best day ever! 

Tangled Pascal Flowers Lenticular Enamel Keychain

the Rapunzel Pascal Lenticular keychain hanging from the Rapunzel Scenes Mini Backpack

Another cute, little way to show off fun style inspired by your favorite Disney Princess! Carry Rapunzel’s bff, Pascal, with you everywhere! Pascale hides in front of a flowerpot. Lenticular details have him changing colors as you tilt the keychain back and forth! He’s a super cute addition to your day! 

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Rapunzel loves to dream big and do all sorts of activities. Embrace her sense of adventure every day with these styles inspired by her!