Do you…

Love to sing?

Bake a mean apple pie?

Have a kind heart?

Let us guess: your favorite Disney Princess is Snow White! 

To add some fun Snow White style to your wardrobe, we have just the thing! We have apparel, mini backpacks, wallets, and more – many of which are exclusives you can’t find anywhere else. Keep reading to put together the fairest looks of all!

Mini Backpacks

Snow White Evil Queen Throne Mini Backpack

Red mini backpack with velvet features showing the Evil Queen from Snow White sitting on her throne on the front

The title of fairest is yours with this backpack! Show off your dark side with this mini backpack featuring the Evil Queen sitting regally on her throne. The back panel of the backpack shows Snow White and the Huntsman within the Magic Mirror. To add to the royal feel of this bag, there are velvet details on the side pockets and the straps. A rope detail outlines the front of the bag. Dress this backpack up for an upscale evening out with outfits of dark purple or black.

Exclusive – Snow White Window Scene Mini Backpack

Mini backpack that looks like a cottage with Snow White leaning out of the window with a pie on the windowsill.

This adorable exclusive features a cottage vibe with Snow White looking out the window after setting her freshly baked apple pie on the window sill. Some of her woodland friends join her. However, the Evil Queen, determined to be the fairest, waits to make her move. On the back panel of the bag is the poisoned apple that Snow White ends up eating. The interior lining is red and features Snow White’s woodland friends surrounded by flowers, apples, and pies. This backpack is a perfect piece to create some sweet styles. 

Exclusive – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Doc Mini Backpack

Orange mini backpack that features Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

You don’t want to miss out on this gem! This mini backpack is part of our Seven Dwarfs Cosplay Series. Add Doc to your collection – he wears orange and looks out with a smile over the rims of his glasses. The back panel features the entire crew of dwarfs. He also has yellow straps. He is a great addition if you’re looking for a Disney bound idea or a fun accessory that goes with a summery sundress or button-down.

Exclusive – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sleepy Lenticular Mini Backpack

Beige and green backpack featuring Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a faux fur beard and lenticular droopy eyes

We all have days when we’re much more #sleepyvibes than awake – but don’t let that fool you! This bag is still up for whatever adventures you have planned. His eyes are lenticular and as you shift the bag, they will open and droop. His beard is made with soft faux fur. The straps match the green of his cap, and on the back panel of the bag, Sleepy dozes on a pillow with some woodland creatures. Add this bag to an earthy-toned ensemble and lean in to browns and greens for a coordinated ensemble that always works. 

Crossbody Bags

Snow White Evil Queen Throne Crossbody Bag

Red crossbody bag with velvet features and golden chain featuring the Evil Queen from Snow White on the front flap.

Oh-so-regal! Add some villainous vibes to your look with this crossbody bag. It features the Evil Queen on her throne on the front flap and velvet details cover the front and back of the bag. A red strap connects to a golden chain to bring it all together. On the inside, you’ll find the lining filled with motifs of the Evil Queen’s crown, stars, and the Heart Box. Match it with some bold colors or subtle, muted jewel tones for ensembles fit for a queen.

Snow White 85th Anniversary Cosplay Crossbody Bag

Yellow and blue crossbody bag with a red bow handle with details inspired by Snow White's dress.

Celebrate 85 years of Snow White with this crossbody bag! It features Snow White’s iconic colors of yellow, blue, and red. Her woodland friends appear on the front and back, and the handle of the bag is a red bow. There’s also a blue crossbody strap. The interior lining features Snow White with her animal friends surrounded by flowers and a logo that says, “85 Years.” When you want to add some cute Snow White fashion as you head out the door, grab this crossbody bag and you’ll be ready to go! 

Snow White Cake Cosplay Crossbody Bag

Blue, yellow, and red crossbody bag in the shape of a slice of cake, in the style of Snow White's iconic dress.

We ALL need a cake crossbody bag! This one features Snow White’s signature colors with a yellow cake with blue frosting and décor of a red bow and homage to the red design of her sleeves on the end. The top is covered with fun details like white icing and sprinkles. The red strap is attached to the bag with a golden chain. There’s even a cute apple zipper pull! This crossbody is perfect for all festive occasions and can hold all your sweet essentials! Pair it with a brightly colored party dress or add some fun to a formal ensemble with a blazer. 


Snow White Sequin Series Flap Wallet

Blue and yellow sequin wallet inspired by Snow White's dress with a white appliqué collar and red bow on the front with an apple charm in the center

Everything needs a little bit of sparkle and this wallet is ready to be a perfect finishing touch! The front of this wallet features a red bow with an apple charm in the center, which sits over Snow White’s white collar. Underneath, you’ll find blue sequins and on the back, you’ll find yellow sequins. On the inside, you’ll find seven card slots and one clear slot for your ID. The interior lining is blue and has a repeating pattern of the Magic Mirror, pie, vines, and apples. This wallet can be a showstopper on its own or works well with our Snow White Sequin Mini Backpack! 

Snow White Evil Queen Throne Zip Around Wallet

Red wallet featuring the Evil Queen from Snow White sitting on her throne

Add a royal touch to everything you do with this wallet. Whether you’re adding to a full ensemble with our mini backpack or taking it around on its own, this wallet certainly stands out from the crowd. On the inside, there are four card slots and one clear slot for your ID. The inner lining is red and has motifs related to the Evil Queen. Dress this up for an evening out when you want to travel light or keep your outfit casual with this wallet as a perfect hint to your favorite Disney villain. 

Exclusive – Snow White Window Scene Zip Around Wallet

Snow White wallet featuring Snow White leaning out a window with a freshly baked pie on the windowsill

When you need a little something to match your backpack, this wallet has it all! Snow White looks out the window, her freshly made apple pie on the windowsill, while her woodland friends gather around. On the other side, the Evil Queen waits to make her move. The interior lining is red and has a motif of woodland creatures, pies, and apples on it. There are four card slots and one clear slot for an ID. Just like the sequin wallet, this can be the star of the show on its own or can coordinate with another Snow White piece. 

Exclusive – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Doc Zip Around Wallet

Orange wallet featuring Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in appliqué detail

Another gem to add to your collection! This Doc wallet matches our mini backpack and is ready to hold your essentials while you go off on your adventures! Doc looks out at you from the front of this wallet and the back panel of the wallet features his belt. Inside, you’ll find seven card slots plus a clear slot for your ID. The lining features a repeating pattern of all seven dwarfs! 

Exclusive – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sleepy Zip Around Wallet

Zip around wallet featuring Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Complete your Sleepy Cosplay Collection with this wallet! It matches our mini backpack and features Sleepy dozing off on the front of the wallet and the back shows his belt. On the inside, you’ll find five card slots and one clear slot for your ID! The interior lining is green and shows a repeating pattern of Sleepy. He's a trusty companion for any journey!


Stitch Shoppe Snow White Lauren Dress

Woman standing on a bridge wearing the blue Snow White dress with red trim and the dwarfs in their mine featured on the skirt

Shine brightly in this dress! This dark blue dress features the seven dwarfs in their mine as they uncover precious gems. There is a keyhole at the top with red trim and there’s red trim on the collar and puffed quarter sleeves. A red bow sits at the top of the keyhole and a red belt goes around the waist. This dress is a great one to dress up or down – add some tights and high heels and you’re ready for a night out or pair it with your favorite converse and cardigan for a more casual look. 

Stitch Shoppe Snow White Fairest One of All Kelly Fashion Top

Woman wearing the blue Stitch Shoppe Snow White Kelly Top with a yellow skirt, leaning against a tree

A fun, versatile top that you can wear with anything! This blue top features an embroidered design on the upper left corner that features a red apple with a bite taken out of it sitting within a crown. The words “Fairest One of All” surround it. For a Snow-White-inspired look, add it to a yellow skirt. Or make it more modern and tuck it into wide-leg black trousers. Feel free to add a denim jacket or a loose blazer for a cool look. 

Snow White Fairest One of All Crop Hoodie

Woman wearing the blue, white, yellow, and red Snow White cropped hoodie with the hood up, featuring a red bow on the top

Get cozy in this cropped hoodie! This hoodie has a blue torso with white sleeves and yellow cuffs on the arm and one on the bottom of the hoodie. The sleeves feature the seven dwarfs and embroidered on the front of the hoodie are two birds. In between them are the words, “Fairest One of All.” This top is great to pair with your favorite leggings, sweatpants, or jeans. No matter where you’re off to, you’re sure to rock some Snow White style. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Tri-Color Ringer Tee

Woman wearing the Snow White Ringer Tee and holding a large gem up to her eye

Best believe you’re still bejeweled with this Tee! This white shirt features colorful images of the seven dwarfs, birds, and sparkling gems! The trim on the collar and sleeves are a different color each: blue, red, and yellow. This shirt is ready for some fun! Add it to a pair of jeans for a great, classic look or tuck it into a blue skirt to uplevel it. Make it edgy by adding a leather jacket. 

Snow White Heart Box Unisex Hoodie

Woman lounging in a purple chair with a man standing beside her. Both are wearing the purple Unisex Heart Box Hoodie

Show off some royal style – and be comfy while you do it! This unisex hoodie is purple and features the Evil Queen’s Heart Box on the front pocket. The Magic Mirror is featured on the upper left corner of the hoodie and on the sleeves, you’ll find the words “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall.” The inner lining of the hood matches that of the rest of the Evil Queen Throne Collection with crowns, the Heart Box, and more against a red background. Who said you can’t be regal AND comfy? This hoodie has it all. 

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