Raise your hand if you’re celebrating May the 4th! We’re celebrating all things Star Wars today and have rounded up the best galactic styles for you. 

So matter where in the galaxy you’re headed, these styles are ready for your next adventure. 

Loungefly Star Wars Dark Side Light Saber Strap Crossbody Bag

Loungefly Star Wars Dark Side Light Saber Strap Crossbody Bag featuring the Empire's symbol on the front of the bag and a red light saber attached to the crossbody strap sitting against a dark red background.

Show off your allegiance with this sleek crossbody bag. It is all black and has debossed motifs of Darth Vader and the Empire’s symbol. The flap says “The Dark Side” on it and has a molded metal rivet of the Empire’s symbol beneath it. For a final finishing touch, the black, adjustable crossbody strap has a red lightsaber attached to it. It’s the ultimate wearable Star Wars fashion accessory. 

Loungefly Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Darth Maul Glow Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Star Wars mini backpack featuring Darth Maul wearing a hood on the front of the bag, sitting in front of a shiny dark red background.

Been dressing for revenge lately? This mini backpack features Darth Maul on the front of the bag. He peers out from beneath a black hood. The front pocket features the black and silver details of his ensemble. More details continue on the side pockets. 

Look closely at the zipper pull on the front pocket – it’s a special 25th anniversary charm featuring Darth Maul! The same image can be found on the back of the bag. This accessory is versatile – you can remove the hood from Darth Maul’s head to reveal his full form underneath! Oh, and he glows in the dark!

Embrace your allegiance to the dark side with this bag!

Loungefly The Mandalorian Ahsoka & Grogu Precious Cargo Mini Backpack

Loungefly The Mandalorian Ahsoka and Grogu mini backpack featuring Ashoka in appliqué detail holding Grogu on the front pocket. The bag sits against a blue background with swooping white stripes.

Your two favorites on a mini backpack? OMG. This mini backpack features Ahsoka holding Grogu. The two come to life in applique detail – Ahsoka’s head is above the front pocket, while the rest of her body and Grogu are on the front pocket. 

The rest of the bag is blue and beige with brown highlights on the zipper, handle, and straps. When you turn the bag around, you’ll find an image of Grogu surrounded by the words “The Force is strong with this one.” 

It’s an adorable mini backpack for all your adventures throughout the galaxy. 

Loungefly The Mandalorian Ahsoka Cosplay Nylon Mini Backpack

Nylon Loungefly Ahsoka mini backpack that features the same design as Ahsoka's lekku on the top part of the bag and an image of her belt on the front pocket. The bag sits against a dark blue background with swooping white stripes.

Ahsoka your fav? Celebrate her every day with this nylon mini backpack! You’ll find special details all over the bag – the top part has the same blue striped pattern of her lekku. Meanwhile, the front pocket features an image of Ahsoka’s belt. Both zippers are orange, while the straps are blue. 

It’s a great mini backpack to take along every day! 

Loungefly Star Wars Rebel Alliance Floral Round Convertible Mini Backpack & Crossbody Bag

Circular Loungefly convertible mini backpack and crossbody bag featuring the Rebel Alliance symbol in the center surrounded by two X-wings taking off and embroidered roses below. It sides beside the matching wallet with a green background and pink roses lined up to the left of the bag.

Florals work for any galaxy! This mini backpack is circular and features the Rebel Alliance symbol in teal in the center. Surrounding it are two X-wings and embroidered pink roses. You’ll also find a gold scalloped edge around the front image. 

Turn the bag around to find the same gold scalloped edge and the Millennium Falcon taking off in the center. More images of pink roses lay beneath it. The adjustable and removable straps on this bag are a light teal color. You can clip them on in different ways so you can wear it as a mini backpack or a crossbody bag. It's versatile style to match your outfit wherever you hit lightspeed to! 

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance VRSITY Jacket

Man wearing the Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance VRSITY jacket, looking down as he snaps up the jacket. The jacket is two-toned grey with a chenille patch of an R on one side an a patch of a Rebel pilot's helmet on the other side, beneath it says "Red-Squadron." X-wings are on the sleeve. The man stands against a white background.

Super wearable Star Wars style is here. This jacket has subtle nods to Star Wars. It features a dark grey torso with light grey sleeves. You’ll find a chenille patch of an “R” on the front with X-wings. 

There’s another chenille patch on the other side that features a Rebel Alliance pilot helmet with the words “Red-Squadron” embroidered below. You’ll find more X-wings on the sleeves. The back of the jacket features the Rebel Alliance symbol with the word “Rebel” in Aurebesh embroidered in orange. 

Be the best dressed in the galaxy with this jacket! 

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The MULTI-TASKR Full Size Backpack

Man facing away from camera wearing the Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance VRSITY Jacket and The MULTI-TASKR Full Size Backpack, which features debossed Rebel Alliance symbols all over it with highlights of orange on the straps, handle, and buckles.

Looking for more subtle accessories to match to your apparel? The MULTI-TASKR is a full-size backpack that can hold whatever you need for any adventure – whether unique or every day. This backpack is grey and has orange highlights. 

You’ll find debossed Rebel Alliance symbols all over the main compartment of the bag. The front pocket is grey and features a silicone patch of a Rebel Alliance helmet. The zipper on the top pocket says “Star Wars” with the Rebel Alliance symbol in orange. 

When you turn the bag around, you’ll find the Rebel Alliance symbol outline embroidered with orange thread. Inside, the bag can hold a laptop and a water bottle, and you’ll find pockets and a key leash to keep everything organized! 

Get ready for your next mission in style! 

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