Happy 626 Day! Gather ’round everyone, it’s time to celebrate our favorite alien experiment. We have a TON of super fun Stitch styles that are ready to join you on any adventure.

Our latest Camping Cuties collection is a great companion for all your summertime activities. Find inspo for summer fun AND summer style below:

Stitch Camping Cuties Collection

Stitch Camping Cuties Glow Mini Backpack

Blue Loungefly Stitch mini backpack featuring a camping scene on the beach with Stitch roasting marshmallows with Scrump in a hammock. The mini backpack sits in the sand on a beachy background.

Pack your bags! We’re going on a camping trip! This mini backpack is blue and features a fun illustrated scene on the front of Stitch roasting marshmallows over a campfire by the water. 

Around him are a tent, ukulele, turtle, ducklings, and fish. Scrump relaxes in a hammock. Be sure to carry it after dark – the moon and stars in the sky above the scene glow in the dark! 

Take this bag with you to hold your smaller camping essentials: water bottle, books/e-reader, fan, flashlight, and portable charger. Then you’re ready to gather around a campfire and enjoy the outdoors. 

Stitch Camping Cuties Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag featuring Stitch and Scrump swinging on an appliqué hammock. The bag hands in the hair between two thin trees against a blue background.

Ahhhhh. Nothing better than relaxing outside in the summer with a nice breeze! This crossbody bag features a beach scene on the front and back. Attached to the front of the bag with rope is an applique of Stitch, Scrump, and the ducklings hanging in a hammock! 

The hammock swings back and forth. The adjustable crossbody strap has starry details on it and an applique palm tree on each end where it connects to the bag. 

Bring this along for a relaxing lay-down by the pool or beach; or take it along with you on a summery stroll through the park. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen! 

Stitch Camping Cuties Zip Around Wallet

Loungefly zip around wallet featuring Stitch and Scrump roasting marshmallows over a campfire. The wallet rests in the sand against a beach scene background.

Whether you’re traveling light or want a fully coordinated look, this is the wallet for you! It features a scene of Stitch and Scrump roasting marshmallows over a fire. Behind them is a tent and a body of water with a fish popping up from the surface. 

Next to Stitch, a duckling stands on top of a pile of s’mores. On the back, you’ll find a frog sitting beside a s’more and a lantern. Inside, you’ll find four card slots and one clear slot for an ID. 

Slip it into your beach bag so you’re prepared when the ice cream truck arrives or take it with you on a store run to stock up on s’mores supplies!  

More Stitch Styles at Loungefly

We have a TON of other Stitch styles for you to choose from that can coordinate with any outfit or season! Camping not your thing? Take a look at these… 

Western Stitch Exclusive Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Western Stitch mini backpack featuring Stitch dressed in western attire, including an appliqué cowboy hat. The bag sits on a pile of denim and a bandana with a light pink gingham background.

Howdy! Stitch is ready for a western twist! This mini backpack features Stitch with embroidered facial details and 3D applique ears. He wears a faux-suede cowboy hat. The front pocket features details of his outfit, including a floral bandana and light orange gingham shirt. 

3D arms come around the front pocket to hold an applique ukulele. On the side pockets, you’ll find embroidered floral details. 

Put the top down, blast some country music, and go for a ride with Stitch! 

Stitch in Beast Costume Exclusive Crossbuddies Cosplay Crossbody Bag with Coin Bag

Loungefly Crossbuddies bag featuring Stitch dressed as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, sitting on yellow silk with a sewing machine and sewing materials around it.

You know what else Stitch loves to do? Put on a performance! He made his Beast outfit from scratch and is ready to act out Beauty and the Beast! You’ll find 3D applique horns sticking up from a furry hood. 

He wears the blue and yellow suit that the Beast does in the film. In his 3D arms, you’ll find a reversible coin pouch. On one side, you’ll find Scrump, and on the other, you’ll find a red flower. 

Take it along to the theatre this summer! 

Stitch in Cheshire Cat Costume Exclusive Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly mini backpack featuring Stitch dressed as the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. The bag sits among purple and pink sewing materials.

Another performance is ready for you! Stitch is embodying the Cheshire Cat for an adventure in Wonderland! He’s dressed in a pink-striped ensemble with a tuft of pink hair and ears at the top of his head. Attached to the bag is a faux leather charm of Stitch as the Cheshire Cat sitting on a palm tree. 

This mini backpack is a good reminder to get lost in a little wonder this summer season! 

Explore All Loungefly Stitch Styles

There’s more alien experiment goodness here at Loungefly! From crossbody bags to apparel, find your Stitch style for any season.