A western-themed Disney collection is here. Can we get a yeehaw?!

You’ll find super cute cosplay styles of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in western attire, a cool western-themed crossbody bag, a zip around wallet of Mickey and Minnie riding on a horse, a Mickey tote bag, and a western Mickey hoodie and tee! You’ll also find stationery, including a refillable journal and lunchbox journal, as well as a pencil case and 3” collector pin! 

Hear from graphic artist Katie C. about her part in designing this collection…

Image of a woman with dark hair sitting on a horse and smiling at the camera

“I was so excited to bring this Western Mickey and Minnie collection to life, because I ride and own horses of my own! We wanted to create a classic collection that felt authentic to the Western lifestyle, with nostalgic Mickey theming. 

This collection was a lot of fun because we have both a Mickey cosplay as well as a Minnie one. I themed Mickey after a classic cowboy with his gingham shirt, hat, handkerchief, chaps and of course, a classic big belt buckle! For Minnie, I was thinking a little more “buckle bunny” vibes, so she’s wearing pink with lots of fringe and embroidered details. My favorite part of these backpacks is probably our use of denim material!

“Our crossbody in this collection is a lot of fun too, and I wanted this to feel like a bag you would bring to your rodeo or barrel race and fit right in with! So, for this we added a fun cow print strap, fringe, denim material and a fun molded horseshoe with a Mickey head on it! The wallet that goes with this collection has my favorite art I created for it, which features Mickey and Minnie riding through the desert on a horse. It’s fun to put these classic characters in a scenario they aren’t typically in, and it’s a great drawing challenge as well!

“I hope everyone gets as much enjoyment out of this collection as I did in creating it, I will definitely be wearing the apparel from this collection while riding my horse!”

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