Ready to join us for a trip to Westeros? Whether you’re Team Green or Team Black, we have a feeling you’ll still love repping this Targaryen collection! 

This collection we hatched includes a mini backpack, crossbody bag, and wallet. These include debossed details of dragon motifs, the Targaryen house sigil, and spectacular gold foil details. It’s truly style worthy of the Iron Throne! 

We spoke with Mark Tecson, Graphic Artist, about his contribution to this collection…

“When approaching a project, sometimes it can be a bit of trial and error. There are times you have an idea of exactly where you want it to land, but other times more tweaking is involved. This particular design falls into the latter, especially with the team effort of our art directors/managers.

“With such an iconic franchise, it made sense for the design to lean on the striking Targaryen-related symbols and allow the embellishments and techniques to give the collection that look of elegance and royalty.

“The use of gold foil, embroidery, and tonal debossing techniques created an effect that reminded me of some of the elaborate outfits worn on the show, which I thought would bring some character to the design.

“The collection really comes together through the details from the intricate metallic rivets down to the color selection, which is always enhanced by our talented and innovative PD team.

“I’m a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series, and the fantasy genre in general, which made this a lot of fun to work on. I think this project is something fans of GOT and the House of the Dragon will really enjoy!”

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