We’re in full-on Halloween mode over here! Are you?! One iconic movie we were so excited to make a collection around is Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. The figural crossbody of the collection brings Emily to life in stunning detail! 

This bag is full of amazing little surprises. She gazes out from the front of the bag with an applique flower crown on her head. Open up one of her eyes to find a glow-in-the-dark Maggot! You can also spy her crown and veil from the back when you turn the bag around. It’s a perfect way to add a touch of spooky style to your wardrobe – it’ll have you looking drop dead gorgeous

Hear from Sr. Graphic Artist Alex Fuentes and Sr. Product Developer Jacob Anderson About Their Contributions to This Bag

Alex Fuentes, Sr. Graphic Artist

Man sitting outside wearing green khaki pants and navy blue top, wearing glasses

"Every collection that, gracefully, lands on my desk is a passion project. Simply because I happen to love and adore all of our licensed properties. Especially when a project has something clever going on. Such as this Corpse Bride Emily Crossbody, with its magnetic eye socket, exposing a glow-in-the-dark Maggot, as well as the applique butterflies running along the crossbody strap and faux pearls on her bridal headpiece. 

“Also, it's always a blast working on all things Tim Burton. What a visionary! For this particular piece, I had to take the film’s sculpted forms and translate them into 2D vector art, while staying true to the original character designs.

“Most of our collections are a team effort. Ideas come from every direction. Sometimes from art directors, our talented PD team, and/or an artist, like myself. In this case, this crossbody was a full tag team event. My art being one ingredient in a complex, fun, and colorful recipe.

“It’s an exciting process!”

Jacob Anderson, Sr. Product Developer

Man standing outside wearing glasses, leaning against a wooden railing with a lake in the background

“This bag was so much fun for me to work on because the art team did such a great job with the initial design. Since we have created some very elaborate yet timeless pieces for Corpse Bride in the past, I knew that we needed to make this one even more special. For this bag, we decided to do a kind of zoomed-in, more-detailed look at Emily, which gave us the opportunity to use some really cool techniques to make those smaller details stand out, that you wouldn’t normally get on a full body cosplay item.

“The artist did a great job of incorporating a great textured look to Emily’s hair that I just knew we had to bring out even more by debossing to add some real feel to the bag. We also took advantage of using this version of Emily by taking the flower crown and, not only adding it as its own applique to stand out, but also incorporating some faux pearls to make it pop even more. 

My favorite feature to this bag, however, is the hidden door that makes up Emily’s left eye. We really channeled Tim Burton’s eerie art style with this moveable eye that reveals Maggot when opened. We could have stopped there and had an incredible product but decided to go a step further and make Maggot glow! In my opinion, this is what puts this bag in a league of its own.

“This bag is an excellent example of what happens when all of the amazing teams here at Loungefly come together to make something special. At the end of the day this is so much more than a crossbody, it is a piece of art that any Corpse Bride fan should be proud to display. As a product developer, I focus not only on the look of the product but the functionality just the same, and this bag has got it all.”

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