Whether you’re in the midst of planning a wedding or dreaming about everything you want included for when the day comes, we know one thing – you want your personality to shine through in everything you do. 


What better way to do that than by adding Loungefly to your special day? Our wallets, backpacks, and crossbody bags can be a perfect finishing touch to your wedding ensemble for your bachelor/bachelorette party, your wedding, and/or your reception. 


If you’re envisioning a complete look with the spirit of your favorite fandom, check out our bridal style guide below inspired by Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Star Wars, and Shrek: 


Close up shot of the Cinderella Happily Ever After Mini Backpack held against the skirt of a wedding dress
Woman in a wedding dress wearing the Cinderella Happily Ever After Crossbody Bag
Woman wearing a wedding gown and holding a bouquet and wearing the Cinderella Happily Ever After Headband

Embrace Cinderella style with a classic princess-style dress with a full skirt (with pockets, of course!) and a beaded bodice. You can keep it fully strapless or add some tulle for charming accents on over the arms. And no need to worry about midnight coming around, you’re free to party all night long! 

Our new Cinderella Happily Ever After Collection is a perfect companion to this style. It features Cinderella and Prince Charming in front of the castle after their wedding in backpack, crossbody, and wallet form. There’s also a crown headband that has a veil attached! Everything in this collection is white with silver foil details, which adds a romantic touch and makes it versatile to match anything.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Triton's Gift Mini Backpack and Crossbody Bag, and Ariel Wedding Cake Zip Around Wallet sitting atop the bottom of a wedding gown
Woman in a mermaid-style wedding dress wearing The Little Mermaid Triton's Gift Crossbody Bag
Woman in wedding dress holding out The Little Mermaid Wedding Cake Zip Around Wallet, showing off the back that has an image of Ariel and Eric's wedding cake.

Of course our Ariel-inspired look includes a mermaid-style wedding dress! This dress is beaded and form-fitting until just above the knee and then it flairs out in lovely layers of tulle. It’s sleeveless with beaded straps and a plunging neckline. Add a veil accented with pearls to complete the look. 

The Little Mermaid Triton’s Gift Collection adds a fun pop of color to your wedding ensemble. The wallet features Ariel and Eric’s wedding cake, the crossbody highlights the moment King Triton sends his magic over to Ariel to grant her wish to turn into a human, and the backpack shows Ariel and Eric happily married on a ship while King Triton and Ariel’s sisters look on and wave. They serve as a reminder to follow your dreams and that true love can be found anywhere. 

Star Wars

Close up of a woman in a wedding dress holding the Star Wars Lightsaber Strap Crossbody Bag and showing the backside to see the debossed pattern of Yoda and the Jedi Order symbol with a green lightsaber attached to the strap.
Woman wearing a v-neck wedding dress covered in silver stars, wearing the Star Wars Lightsaber Strap Crossbody Bag
Woman holding open the Star Wars Lightsaber Strap Crossbody Bag to show the inside details of a repeating pattern of the Jedi Order symbol

The most stylish wedding ensembles in the galaxy are an homage to Star Wars! Feature intergalactic fashion with a dress filled with stars – and get a veil to match! A V-neck without sleeves gives the dress a unique silhouette and allows you to highlight your favorite jewelry. The skirt goes out wider than the mermaid dress but isn’t as dramatic as the Cinderella-inspired one, allowing flowing movement when you’re ready to dance.

Our Star Wars Lightsaber Strap Crossbody fits in perfectly to your bridal aesthetic while also allowing your personality and passions to shine through! This crossbody is white and has the Jedi Order symbol and Yoda debossed all over the bag. On the closure of the bag, you’ll find a metal rivet of the Jedi Order symbol. But the fun doesn’t end there! Connecting the white strap to the bag is a green lightsaber! Toss all your essentials in and then get ready for the best party in the universe! 


Close up of woman holding the Shrek Happily Ever After Mini Backpack against the skirt of a floral tulle wedding dress
Woman in a floral wedding dressing hold the Shrek Happily Ever After Mini Backpack
Woman holding the Shrek bag and holding open the onion carriage door to reveal Fiona and Shrek behind it.

SomeBODY once told us that weddings are supposed to be a fairy tale – and fairy tales can happen anywhere! To embrace the magic of Far, Far Away, opt for a fun pop of color on your dress with beautiful flowers and leaves on the bodice and skirt! A full skirt of tulle adds to the whimsy and makes it easy to swish around on the dance floor (we know anything Shrek-themed is gonna have killer music). 

Our Shrek Happily Ever After Collection is a super fun addition to any wedding look. On the front of the backpack, you’ll find Shrek’s swamp and below, on the front pocket, you’ll find Shrek and Fiona riding away together in an onion carriage. Plus, the door opens and closes! You can also find the couple in their carriage on the flap wallet in this collection. Bring either or both along as a fun accessory and a reminder that you’re about to embark on a fun adventure.

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