Spooky season is your vibe. You wait (im)patiently for fall to arrive every year so you can break out your favorite looks and embrace all your Halloween-esque fandoms.

But this year, you’re looking for something with a little more oomph.

We’ve highlighted ten of our Halloween-themed figural crossbody bags for a look that truly makes a statement. 

Find your next must-have: 

Stitch Shoppe Nightmare Before Christmas Exclusive Zero Figural Glow Crossbody Bag

Close up shot of the Stitch Shoppe Zero Figural Crossbody Bag against someone wearing the Stitch Shoppe Nightmare Before Christmas Sandy Skirt

The cutest guy around! This bag brings Zero from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to life. He’s fully figural in the shape of Jack Skellington’s dog Zero with an adorable pumpkin on his nose!

Access to the main compartment is on the side so you can store all your goodies. As he floats along by your side at night, he glows! Add this good boy to your collection for the season! 

Minnie Mouse Exclusive Halloween Sequin Crossbody Bag

Image of our Minnie Mouse Halloween Sequin Crossbody Bag against an orange background with bats

Perfect Halloween style is ready to sparkle with you! This crossbody bag is ready to take flight – the top flap features glittering orange sequins with Minnie Mouse’s ears poking over the top. In the center, you’ll find a black bow with bat wings.

The rest of the bag is black and has debossed details of Minnie Mouse as a bat! It makes for a fun piece that’ll dazzle with any Halloween outfit!

McDonald’s Halloween McPunk’n Happy Meal Pail Glow Crossbody Bag

Image of our McDonald's McPunk'n Crossbody Bag against a purple background with fog

Bring back the nostalgia of a McDonald’s Halloween with this crossbody! It takes the form of the McPunk’n Happy Meal Pail that you could collect back in the day. Find a spooky jack-o’-lantern face looking out from the front.

The zipper opens under the edge of the lid, where you’ll be able to put all your treats and find a fun lining of all three of the pails against an orange background. It’s a truly sweet treat! 

Trick ’r Treat Sam Pumpkin Crossbody Bag

Image of woman wearing the Trick 'r Treat Sam Pumpkin Crossbody with the front flap closed, showing Sam's burlap smiling face of his costume
Image of woman wearing the Trick 'r Treat Crossbody Bag with the front flap open to reveal Sam's pumpkin face beneath his costume

Ready to play by the rules? This bag is circular and shows off Sam’s face in his costume. You’ll find 3D buttons for the eyes on his costume, as well as embroidered stitching over the mouth. Lift the flap to find his sinister-looking pumpkin face beneath!

The crossbody strap for this bag has orange and black stripes. Rep your favorite horror movie character and make a statement with your outfit this Halloween. 

Haunted Mansion Grandfather Clock Glow Crossbody Bag

Image of someone wearing the Haunted Mansion Figural Grandfather Clock Crossbody Bag

Tick. Tock. It’s time! This bag is in the shape of the gothic grandfather clock from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride. The hands of the clock move against a glow-in-the-dark clock face.

The eyes on the clock also glow, as do the eyes at the base of the crossbody strap! Teeth close in around the clock face, too. The strap has details of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. It’s a must-have for any Disney fan that loves this ride!

Ghostbusters Logo Glow Crossbody Bag

Image of the Ghostbusters Logo Glow Crossbody Bag against a green background with slime dripping down and around it

Going up against some ghosts? Gotta dress the part! This circular crossbody bag takes the form of the Ghostbusters logo. You’ll find a white ghost that glows in the dark surrounded by a red sign to signal “no ghost.”

Turn it around and you’ll find slime in applique detail and debossed motifs of images from the movie. Ghostly good looks are for sure with this bag! 

Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Cauldron Crossbody

Image of someone holding the Winifred Sanderson Cauldron Crossbody open and putting the matching wallet inside

What a glorious bag! You can brew up some seriously cool looks with this crossbody bag. It takes the figural form of Winifred Sanderson’s cauldron from the movie Hocus Pocus.

On the top of the bag, you’ll find a lenticular panel as you peer into the cauldron. One way shows a bubbling brew, while if you tilt it, you’ll find Winifred looking up at you.

On the body of the bag, you’ll find debossed details like stars, a cat, and the sun. On the crossbody strap, you’ll find an image of all three Sanderson sisters!

Let the fire burn and cauldron bubble and you’ll be ready for a super witchy ensemble!

Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Crossbody Bag

Woman holding the Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Crossbody Bag and wearing the Pumpkin Balloon Allison Dress

An adorable accessory to float beside you as you’re out and about! This special figural crossbody is in the shape of a Minnie Mouse mylar foil balloon! She has a green bow between her ears with white polka dots, and a face that glows in the dark!

At the bottom of the purse, you have a string to give it a realistic balloon feel. You can also hold her by the top handle if you don’t feel like using the strap. We won’t blame you if you float away on cloud nine with this one!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Candy Corn Crossbody Bag

Image of someone holding the Candy Corn Crossbody, showing the Minnie Mouse side of the bag
Someone wearing the Candy Corn Crossbody Bag featuring the Mickey Mouse side of the bag

Mickey and Minnie are ready for some Halloween adventures! No matter where you fall on the argument about candy corn, you can’t deny how cute this bag is! In the shape of candy corn, you’ll find Minnie Mouse on one side of the bag with a cute candy bow, and you’ll find Mickey Mouse on the other!

There’s plenty of space to hold what you need, and you can switch up your look however you want simply by turning the bag around! The coordinating crossbody strap brings the whole look together. This bag adds an extra cute touch to any outfit you wear!

Sanrio Pompompurin Halloween Crossbuddies Crossbody Bag

Woman wearing the Pompompurin Crossbuddies Bag and standing against a blue background

Cannot. Get. Over. The. Cuteness. Pompompurin is ready to join you! This Crossbuddies bag features one of your favorite Sanrio characters dressed up for Halloween like a pumpkin!

The removable coin pouch is in the shape of a pumpkin, and you can find Pompompurin’s friends dressed up for Halloween on either side – one as a ghost and one as a witch!

He’s the most adorable friend to take around with you on your adventures!

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