Who else has fall decorations up already? 🖐️ Pretty soon, one of your favorite theme parks will have pumpkins out and about, ready to welcome all the ghosts and ghouls in for a good time! 

You are so ready to wander around the park and take in all the autumnal décor – but one question…

Is your outfit ready? 

Whether you want to go for something a little scary or super cute, we have several options for accessories and apparel to put together the perfect outfit on your next park trip!

Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Allison Dress

Two women hanging out against an orange background, the one on the left wearing our Domonique Cardigan and our Sandy Skirt, the one on the right wearing the Allison Dress

Float in with your best style with this dress! This dress has a Queen Anne neckline, pockets, and puffed quarter sleeves. It also has elastic in the waistband and an orange belt. You’ll find an all-over print of balloons shaped like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – and trust us, you’ll want to bring this from day to night, because the balloons glow in the dark all over the dress! You’ll be turning heads in this cute and fun outfit! 

Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Domonique Cardigan

Two women hanging out against an orange background, one on the left wearing our Pumpkin Balloon Allison Dress and one on the right wearing the Pumpkin Balloon Domonique Cardigan with a Pumpkin Ear Headband
Woman wearing the Domonique Cardigan with her back turned to camera so you can see the appliqué Minnie Mouse "mylar foil" balloon on the back of the sweater

This adorable cardigan is ready to make a statement as you head to the park! This is a new cardigan style – we’ve elevated the old style to include puffy sleeves and glow-in-the-dark moments. The cardigan buttons down and has a V neckline. On the upper left corner, you’ll find a Mickey ghost! On the back, you’ll find an applique of a Minnie Mouse pumpkin “mylar foil” balloon. The string below her spells out “Boo” and has a candy at the end of it! It’s a boo-tiful piece that you can style with anything you have in your wardrobe, or for an adorable, coordinated look, you can pair it with our Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Sandy Skirt

Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Sandy Skirt

Woman wearing the Pumpkin Balloon Sandy Skirt, showing off the balloon designs on the skirt, standing next to pumpkins
Side shot of a woman wearing the Pumpkin Balloon Sandy Skirt to show off the image of how the balloon strings spell out the word "Boo"

How about a fun skirt moment? This skirt is black with white, glow-in-the-dark polka dots. You’ll find a bunch of balloons floating across the front – one of Minnie Mouse as a pumpkin, one of Mickey Mouse as a pumpkin, and one of Mickey Mouse as a ghost! Follow their strings to the side of the skirt to find the word “Boo” spelled out. When night falls, the polka dots and facial features of the balloons glow in the dark. And it gets even better – yep, it has pockets! This piece is fun and flattering for any Halloween or fall themed occasion! 

Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Crossbody Bag

Woman holding the Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Balloon Crossbody Bag to camera, which has Minnie Mouse as a "mylar foil" balloon looking to her left.

Whether you choose the dress or the skirt and cardigan combo, the ultimate finishing touch is with this crossbody bag! This bag is in the figural form of a mylar foil balloon and has rainbow holographic details. Minnie also has a green polka dot bow between her ears. Minnie Mouse’s face glows in the dark, too! A rope-like string hangs from the bottom of the bag to pull the balloon look together. This crossbody matches any ensemble perfectly and has enough space to ensure your essentials don’t float away! 

Stitch Devil Unisex Hoodie

Two women and one man stand and laugh together wearing the Devil Stitch Unisex Hoodie

Look devilishly good in this hoodie! This red and black hoodie features Stitch dressed as a devil holding a pitchfork on the front, with Scrump dressed as an angel floating above him. The sleeves are black with red flames. Pop the hood on and find devil horns sticking up from the top! When you want to be festive and comfy, this hoodie is a fire option. 

Stitch Devil Cosplay Mini Backpack

Shot of a woman's legs, wearing high red boots and holding the Devil Stitch Mini Backpack down by her knee

Your favorite alien experiment is ready for Halloween! Stitch is dressed as a too-cute devil on this mini backpack, complete with shiny red material, a 3D bow on his cape, and 3D ears and devil horns! He grins up at you from the front of the backpack. The zipper pull on the front pocket is a pitchfork. Turn the bag around to find a devil tail and the image of Scrump dressed as an angel! For all you mischief makers out there, this mini backpack is the accessory you need for all your adventures. 

Stitch Devil Cosplay Zip Around Wallet

Woman wearing the Devil Stitch Hoodie holding the Devil Stitch Mini Backpack and the Devil Stitch Wallet

Need just a little flourish to finish off your outfit? Whether you want to complete your devil ensemble with everything in our Stitch collection or just want to bring a small accessory while you’re out, our Stitch Devil Cosplay Zip Around Wallet is ready! Stitch grins out from the front of this wallet wearing his devil costume. His horns stick up over his head. On the back, you’ll find Scrump hanging out dressed as an angel. Inside, there are four card slots plus one clear slot for an ID. At this time of year, it’s okay to be up to no good! 

Nightmare Before Christmas Scary Teddy Present Mini Backpack

Woman wearing the Nightmare Before Christmas Toys Unisex Tee and holding the Scary Teddy Mini Backpack

Ooh, a present for you! This mini backpack pays homage to the Nightmare Before Christmas theme that takes over the Haunted Mansion ride every year! Front and center on this backpack is the front pocket, which looks like a brightly colored present with skulls all over! Behind it, Scary Teddy from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas pops up! The rest of the bag has fun wrapping paper designs over it, and a sandworm appears on the back panel. The straps are orange and match the same design as the front pocket with skulls all over. And this is one you’ll definitely want to bring along if you’ll be at the park once the sun sets – it glows in the dark! Show off your favorite ride and time of year with this bright and fun backpack! 

Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Cauldron Crossbody

Hands holding the Cauldron Crossbody, showing one side of the lenticular feature, showing Winifred Sanderson
Alternate view of the Cauldron Crossbody showing the lenticular feature of a green bubbling potion within the cauldron
Alternate angle of the Cauldron Crossbody featuring the the side view of the crossbody to show the debossed stars, candle, and cat.

Talk about a statement piece! Summon serious style with this crossbody. It’s in the shape of a cauldron. Take a peek at the top and you’ll see a lenticular top that shows a bubbling cauldron from one view and Winifred Sanderson from another! Around the outside of the cauldron, find debossed stars, suns, and candles. Unzip the top and you can fill the cauldron with all the magical items you need!

Hocus Pocus Poster Glow Mini Backpack

Image of a woman from the waist down wearing a skirt, black leggings, and boots, and holding the Hocus Pocus Poster Mini Backpack

Bewitch everyone you pass with this mini backpack! A fun recreation of the original movie poster for Hocus Pocus comes to life! The witch sisters Sarah, Winifred, and Mary fly in the sky on a vacuum. Binx soars above them. Meanwhile, below, Dani, Max, Allison, and Billy Butcherson run together by Old Burial Hill. The full moon behind the sisters doubles as a pocket you can store things in. Part of it glows in the dark when the lights go out! On the back, you’ll find an encore appearance of our characters outside of the Old Burial Hill gate, with the silhouette of the witches flying above them. Exciting adventures are within reach with this mini backpack, and it makes for a really cool accessory to take around the parks! 

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