Do you… 

Fight for others?

Sometimes feel out of place?

Show courage and determination in everything you do?

Let us guess: your favorite Disney Princess is Mulan!

Honor your wardrobe with these amazing styles that help you embody Mulan with every ensemble. We have wallets, mini backpacks, pins, and crossbody bags for you to enjoy:

Mini backpack featuring different scenes from the movie "Mulan" on each panel of the backpack.

Mulan Princess Scenes Mini Backpack 

Celebrate all your favorite scenes from Mulan with this mini backpack! Each panel features an iconic moment, including Mulan surrounded by pink flowers, talking with her father, and training with Li Shang. Mushu and Cri-Kee are featured on the side pockets, while Shan Yu is featured on the back panel with his falcon. This backpack works for any ensemble, whether you’re in disguise or not.

Red crossbody bag with images from different scenes in the movie "Mulan" on each panel with a flower comb closure

Mulan Princess Scenes Crossbody Bag 

If you prefer a crossbody bag, this one is for you! This bag has red trim and a red crossbody strap. Each panel of the bag features a different moment from Mulan. Show off your favorite Disney movie with scenes of Mulan and her father, Mulan in disguise, Shan Yu, Mushu, and Cri-Kee. The clasp on this bag goes over the top and is in the shape of Mulan’s flower comb. Add this bag to any outfit for a fun pop of color.

Sequin mini backpack in the form of Mulan's green kimono with a blue and pink front pocket.

Exclusive – Mulan Sequin Mini Backpack

Shine brightly and show your courage with this sequin backpack. It sparkles all over in sequins in the style of Mulan’s kimono. The front pocket has a pink satin applique across it and the zipper charm is in the shape of the emperor’s crest. On the top of the backpack, above the Loungefly plaque, is a green bow and in the center of it is Mulan’s flower comb. On the back panel, the words “True to who I am” are shown. Whenever you need a reminder to be brave and step into your own power, take this backpack with you.

Sequin flap wallet in the form of Mulan's green kimono with a bow and flower comb clasp. The back is blue and pink.

Exclusive – Mulan Sequin Flap Wallet

If you want to put a full look together with the Mulan sequin backpack or just want to add some extra sparkle to your wardrobe, this wallet is ready to be added to the mix! Just like the backpack, this wallet is in the style of Mulan’s kimono. It clasps closed with the help of a green bow with a flower comb in the center of it. The back of the wallet is blue and pink.  The inside of the wallet has blue lining, featuring Mulan’s comb and swords. There are seven card slots and one slot for an ID. No matter how big or small the adventure, you’re sure to sparkle when you bring this along.

Zip around wallet featuring Mulan and Mushu on the front and Mulan and her horse on the back.

Mulan Princess Scene Zip Around Wallet

Show off your favorite characters from Disney’s Mulan with this wallet! The front of the wallet shows Mulan and Mushu, while the back shows Mulan with her horse, Khan. The interior of the wallet is red and has four card slots and one ID slot. The lining is teal and features lanterns, fans, Mulan, Mulan’s flower comb, and the emperor’s symbol. When you want something fun to add to your bag that makes you smile, this wallet is the perfect accessory.

3" pin in the shape of the emperor's castle with glow-in-the-dark fireworks above it, that slide up and down.

Mulan Castle Moving Pin

After Mulan defeats Shan Yu, it’s time to celebrate! This 3” pin shows this iconic moment, depicting the castle with fireworks. The fireworks move up and down on the pin – and that’s not all, they glow in the dark! Add this as a statement piece to a denim jacket or display it on a pin board to show your love for Mulan. This is a limited-edition item. Only 1,000 are available for purchase.
Paper doll pin set featuring Mulan with three of her outfits, including her match-making outfit, her everyday outfit, and her hero ensemble.

Mulan Paper Doll Magnetic Pin Set 

Always have Mulan by your side with this Paper Doll Pin Set! The base pin features Mulan in modest undergarments, and you can dress her in one of her three outfits: her everyday dress, her match-maker outfit, or her hero ensemble. Switch up her look as often as you like!

Show Your Courage with our Mulan Collection

Finally let your reflection show who you are with this collection. Each piece can help you create super fun styles with anything you already have in your closet. Adding Mulan-inspired accessories will serve as a reminder to be brave and be true to who you are.

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