Who can forget one of the most iconic characters from Monsters, Inc.? A fan favorite, we just couldn’t wait to turn Roz into a mini backpack!

Roz is a unique backpack because she features our Pop! style artwork, has actual strings of faux pearls attached to her glasses, has dimensional arms that connect to the front pocket, and her classic red sweater is replicated with knitted material.

Graphic showing all the features of our Roz mini backpack, including her dimensional arms, knitted sweater material, and 3D faux pearl strings on her glasses.


Carrie Sleutskaya, Sr. Graphic Artist, shares her insight into the creative process of bringing the bag to life:

“One of my signature design strategies is to build an immersive-as-possible design, which means either feeling like you've stepped into that character's world with fun storytelling and easter eggs in the art or, in the case of cosplay bags, taking the idea of a cosplay meant for a human and shrinking it into a bite-sized version. 

“I love that Roz has different, unconventional textures to play with – well, for a backpack – like her cable-knit sweater and the pearl chain from her glasses. If I were to make a Roz cosplay for a human, I'd be replicating her outfit's materials as close as possible, so why should I think differently for a bag? 

“Layers of textures and techniques make her character feel more real, and that's a pretty fun thing to achieve on a backpack without compromising the function or storage capacity. Plus, the way I also made her hands 3D and wrap around her clipboard adds to the believability of the scene/story that's being played out on this design. You'd think Roz is about to scold YOU.

“As I design, the immersive elements grow as I keep in mind the endless outfit coordination our audience loves to play with, and how often these character bags are treated as actual ‘familiars,’ and even double as ‘secondary characters’ to an existing full cosplay get-up. This keeps inspiring me to innovate new bag styles that practically have a life of their own.”

Roz is quickly becoming a favorite new bag of everyone in the office at Loungefly. If you need something to remind you to hand in that paperwork, add to a fun ensemble, or just to hold everything while you’re out and about, our Roz mini backpack is ready to join you! 

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