Love your favorite crossbody bag but wish you could take it anywhere? While your go-to bag hardly lets you down, the truth is most crossbody bags don’t always quite go with any outfit. And they can't keep up when you want to shake things up.

Our convertible crossbody bags are here to change that.

They can be worn in a variety of different ways so you can take it along no matter where you’re headed.

The latest in our convertible crossbody collection is our Fox and the Hound Convertible Crossbody Bag! A story all about friendship, you can style this beautiful book with any ensemble you put together. It can step up to the plate where your usual go-to can’t.

We’ll show you how.

Here are five ways to style your Fox and the Hound Convertible Crossbody Bag (with 15 outfit ideas!) so you’re prepared for any event:

1. Get a Little Fancy with a Traditional Crossbody

Keep the crossbody bag closed like a book and attach one of the straps to the rings on either end of the spine. You can show off the front or back cover of the book depending on what you’re feeling.

  • Pair it with a little black dress for any nights out or cocktail party.
  • Match it with a jumpsuit ensemble for an elevated look.
  • Add a pop of color to a traditional black suit as you head into date night. 
Woman wearing the green Fox and the Hound convertible crossbody bag, leaning against a tree.

    2. Keep It Casual with a Cover-Forward Backpack

    What exactly makes this a convertible crossbody? You’re not limited to one style. You can turn this into a backpack whenever you like! Attach the two straps on either side of the book and wear this with the pages against your back to show off the book cover to the world.

    • Grab your favorite pair of capris, your most comfortable band T, and a cardigan. Add this backpack into the mix to hold everything you need on your walks around the park.
    • Headed for a stroll along the beach? Toss this on over your cover-up to hold your electronic essentials as you wander.
    • Throw on a loose pair of ripped jeans and a comfy sweater for a look that’s ready for brunch or a quick coffee run around the corner.

    3. Make a Statement with Story-Forward Looks 

    Want to really switch it up for a unique look? Turn the backpack around to show off the inner pages. They have illustrations, narration, and dialogue presenting important moments in the story. 

    • Pick out a sweater dress and match it with a fun belt. Add the backpack with the pages out for a statement piece that brings the ensemble together.
    • Match a pair of skinny jeans with a light knit sweater with a suit jacket for a look that works for the weekend or for work.
    • Have some fun by wearing this as a backpack over a trusty denim or leather jacket.
    Woman leaning against a tree wearing the Fox and the Hound convertible crossbody bag as a backpack with the pages facing out.

      4. Go High-End with a Handbag 

      Shorten the straps of the bag and turn it into a handbag you can show off with some upscale looks. Just like with the backpack style, you can show off the cover of the bag or flip it inside out so the pages are on the outside. 

      • Wear a pair of wide-leg, high-waisted dress pants with a tucked in, flowy blouse. Grab this bag to complete the look for a high-end, literary fashion statement.  
      • Find a fun cocktail dress and match it with a green peacoat, sheer tights, and heels.
      • Take a floor length skirt and add a tucked in blouse with puffed sleeves for an ethereal look. 

      5. Make It Cute with a Clutch

      Forgo the straps all together for a one-of-a-kind clutch that’s sure to stand out.

      • Take it along as part an ensemble of a springtime maxi dress complemented with a sun hat.
      • Have some fun with a skirt matched with knee-high boots and a sleek turtleneck sweater.
      • Keep it simple with a solid-colored dress with a matching belt around the waist. 
      Two women sitting against a tree, holding the Fox and the Hound crossbody bags, pretending to read them like books.

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