A new year comes with a fresh beginning – but first, we love to send off the old year with a bang. With all the celebration comes a chance to dress your best, show off what you love, and make a statement heading into 2023. These crossbody bags are ready to ring in the new year with you:

Orange crossbody bag in the form of the Miss Minutes clock with arms up and legs crossed

Miss Minutes Crossbody Bag 

Who better to help you welcome 2023 than Miss Minutes? Just be sure not to mess up the timeline! This bag takes the form of the icon of the Time Variance Authority. Her arms and legs are applique and she zips open and closed from the top. Her catchphrase, “Hey y’all!” appears on the back.

Two tone blue crossbody bag with gold storm cloud and lightning clasp on the front.

Hercules 25th Anniversary Crossbody Bag 

Bring power into the new year with this crossbody bag. This bag is blue with gold accents and has an embroidered all-over-print of storm clouds. The metal closure on the front shows Hercules’ lightning. With this Hercules crossbody bag, nothing can stand in your way as you celebrate the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 in true heroic fashion.

Crossbody bag featuring Ursula, Hades, Dr Facilier, and the Evil Queen

Villains in the Dark Crossbody Bag 

Kickstart your villain era in 2023 – these guys are sure to help you along the way! This crossbody bag features Ursula, Hades, Dr. Facilier, and the Evil Queen. Each villain has a colorful aura, which pairs well with the glitz and glam of the new year. Whatever your plans are, this crossbody bag is here to help you get a little wicked.

Dark teal crossbody bag with golden Hogwarts on the front and golden crossbody strap.

Harry Potter Golden Hogwarts Castle Crossbody Bag 

New Year’s is a magical time. Add an extra spark of it with this Hogwarts crossbody bag. Hogwarts is presented on the front of this bag with gold foil detail and on the back, gold foil makes up each symbol of the Hogwarts houses. The adjustable strap on the bag has a coin pouch attached to it. With this one, you can Accio an incredible new year.  

Figural crossbody bag in the shape of Aladdin's genie lamp with a charm of the Genie as a bee

Stitch Shoppe Aladdin Genie Lamp Crossbody Bag 

Whatever you wish for the New Year, this bag can grant it! This bag takes the form of the genie lamp and includes embroidered details, a vegan leather charm of the Genie as a bee, and an interior lining of the magic carpet flying through the sky. Bring hope and a sense of wonder into 2023 – and be the most magical guest at the party!

Green crossbody bag in the figure of a book of Peter Pan with illustration on the front of Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, John, and Michael flying in the sky

Peter Pan Book Convertible Crossbody Bag 

Fly into the New Year’s party with this Peter Pan crossbody bag. This bag takes the form of a book, which you can wear crossbody as a closed book, or as a backpack with the book open. The front cover shows Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, and Michael flying through the sky. The back cover has Tinkerbell flying with a trail of pixie dust behind her. The inside of the bag shows artwork of their adventure in Neverland. With this bag, you can ensure the start of the year is full of never-ending excitement.

White crossbody bag inspired by Leia's iconic dress. The front includes a silver rebel symbol and chevron silver stripe. The front includes a white ruffle under the chevron stripe.

Princess Leia Cosplay Chain Strap Crossbody Bag 

Dress like royalty this New Year’s with this Princess Leia crossbody bag. This bag is perfect for holding any secret information you need to pass on to help the Rebels take down the Empire. This bag is white and modeled after Leia’s iconic white dress. The front of the bag has a metal rebel symbol, and the back has Leia’s signature embroidered in silver thread. The interior lining has a repeating pattern of rebel symbols. It’s 2023, bring on the adventure!  

Crossbody bag in the form of the Ace of Spades soldier from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Ace of Spades Crossbody Bag 

Ace the outfit game this New Year’s. This crossbody bag takes the form of the Ace of Spades soldier from Alice in Wonderland. It’s made from vegan leather, has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, and includes applique, debossed, and printed details. On the back of the bag, the Queen of Hearts yells in the bottom right corner. Command the room and set the tone for 2023 with this powerful crossbody bag.

Crossbody bag featuring teal trim and handles with each panel of the bag showing different scenes from The Little Mermaid.The Little Mermaid Princess Scenes Crossbody Bag

Make a splash this New Year’s with this crossbody bag! Each panel of this bag shows a different scene from the Little Mermaid. It has teal trim, handles, and strap. The closure has a silver shell clasp. Embody Ariel’s determination to reach her goals and explore new worlds in 2023 with this bag.

Crossbody bag with illustration on the front that looks like a stack of books from Hogwarts

Fantastic Beasts Magical Books Chain Strap Crossbody Bag

A new year = new adventure. Prepare for anything with this crossbody bag in the form of a stack of books from the wizarding world! Each book on this bag is required reading for Hogwarts students. The colorful titles of these books add a charming element to your outfit, and the bag is ready to travel with you whether you’re opting for muggle transportation, broomstick, apparition, or portkey. Bring on the magic in the new year!

Put Together Your Best Look for 2023

These crossbody bags are the perfect addition to any outfit. Add some flair to your New Year’s look and ring in the new year expressing your best self.

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